Internal suspension

Does anyone know what the differences are between the internally suspended chassis on different components? My 552 seems to be quite freely moving and clanky (my CDS3 was the same I think), but the ND555 is very different. There seems to be more resistance to movement and it emits a much more damped clunk. Are there elastomers in the ND system?

Note. I am not moving these things around without care, these are just observations when lifting to/ from the rack.

I can’t really an answer your question but I have noticed exactly the same thing. You can barely move the 552 at all without various noises whereas the ND555 is fat more forgiving of a shaking hand. I am guessing the suspension is optimised by design for the product by engineers with far more technical knowledge than me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know when i have moved my NDS around, only from one shelf to another etc. it wobbles around like a massive jelly…which i have always found amusing!

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