International BBC Radio on Naim products - server update done

Hi all,

As of 6th Feb 2023 a server side change is now completed so listeners of BBC streams outside of the UK geo-location will no longer get a warning message that the stream is being discontinued.

HLS streams are now used for international listeners, rather than MP3. Naim have used HLS streams for UK customers for over 9 years, so no change of service there.

If all goes to plan this change should be automatically picked up by products that can support HLS streams.

This upgrade is a multi-stage update and we will be rolling out another update out to customers later this year to ensure continued availability of BBC radio on Naim products.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


So this will only work for current streamers not first generation like my first generation qb?
I just checked my radio 4 preset on my 555 stream is reported as mp3 48/128. Going through the interface and finding the same stream this now reports as aac 48/101. I suppose this means that saved favorits/resets should be updated manually to pick these changes up?

@Stevesky this is the best I can find for R4. I’ve not been able to get HLS for ages. Am I missing something?

Obviously I was wrong. My qb first generation can find a 48/101 hls stream the same stream found on the 555 but labelled as aac not hls.
Probably the same?
Nice to miss out on the this stream blabla messages in the future anyway.

Hi @HungryHalibut

That is correct. HLS is the container and inside it is AAC.

@Claus - that is also the correct stream for BBC outside of the UK.



Thanks Steve. I recall it originally said HLS 339 or something like that, hence my confusion.

Mr. Harris,

As a loyal Naim fan (currently listening to my fifth Uniti variant), I’m well impressed that the “slightly irritating” BBCR2 message “this service will stop working…” will soon be a distant memory here in Canada where I live. Thank you for your proactiveness and reassurance.

All the best,


Hi Steve
I’m UK based, listen to BBC streaming on a Unitlite, Unitiqute and NAC272, so older devices. Anything planned with these? Don’t want to lose the beeb …
Thanks, Alan

Paging @Stevesky

Hi @Chestermana @davidhendon

Done some spot checks here and it seems to be working.

Based on you are in the UK. When browsing internet radio, you should have a ‘BBC Radio’ section on the home screen. All the stations in there should play as ‘hls’ (on now playing it shows AAC).

We have seen some customers preset very old links and this has resulted in the mp3 feeds continue to be used.

If you can also let me know the software versions in each unit then that will help. In the case of the 272 that supported hls from very first software release.



Hi Steve

Many thanks. Will check this out.

The other devices are a Unitilite and a Unitiqute, 2011 & 2013 vintage. Both running latest firmware upgraded just before Xmas.

Thanks, Alan

Hi Steve

You were right, the presets had stored old MP3 links. HLS present and working on Beeb channels now. :).

The HLS streams are 339k! MP3 on most other channels is 128k. Upside.

Top job, many thanks, Alan

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