Internet radio - adding stations via VTuner?

I have a NaimUniti, just updated with the latest firmware. When using internet radio, some stations were missing (most of the Absolute Radio channels which I can access on a Pure device, for example). I saw there was a suggestion to add them via VTuner, so I created an account, and added several of the stations to favourite group. Still not appearing on Uniti though - the app (Android) still only lists the same 2 as before. Is there a step I have missed?

Hi, I find that the vast majority of stations are listed on the iRadio input. It’s not always obvious where, but if you find their location, you can look. Then just save them as favourites for future use. Adding them through vTuner always seems a bit hit and miss.

The stations I’m looking for are definitely not showing on the Naim app - tried using the search function there as well. Just seems odd that stuff I can access on my Pure radio is not available on Naim - and I thought Absolute was fairly mainstream as well.

I’ve just had a look, and I can see 7 Absolute stations in the Naim app iRadio input. Are there others that are missing?
Note that there is no ‘global’ search, so you need to navigate to the right screen before you will find them.
Also, is your streamer firmware up to date? This may affect availability of some stations.

Unfortunately I can still see only 2 in the app. Firmware updated to the latest version a couple of days ago. Bit disappointing that my humble Pure can do what Naim cannot.

I have 7x Absolute stations as well, I see them in iRadio x Location>Europe>UK>All Stations
Its not Naim or vTuner, you need to focus on your end, do you have the latest firm/software installed, have you tried a power cycle on the Uniti, have you tried a reset to factory defaults. ??

I can just see six for some reason. But I’ve never looked for them before and the search within UK took only a couple of seconds.

Edit: if I go via local instead of UK, I get seven.


I can find seven as well.

How old is your Uniti? Does it have the original 26/96 only streamer board?
Can you post a screenshot showing where you can only see two stations?

Thanks for the input so far. Bought in 2012. Updated to the latest firmware a few days ago, which involved a factory re-set. No idea about the board though. I’m looking at the list of stations specified as All, and also doing a search on the word Absolute. Will post a screenshot later.

One more question, are you in the UK?

I’m not at all certain that this is relevant, although it is a requirement for some if the functions that later firmware versions bring. Just in case, you can check on the display in Setup > Factory Settings >
System Status. The BC SW line should start with 3D… (If it’s anything else, such as 2D, 2A, 1A, you have the old 24/96 board.)

The BC SW line is: 1A12409

That looks like a very early model, I wonder if that’s your problem?

Hi @Bigwedge

The reason you can’t see those stations is that your unit has the very first 2008 Streaming board in it, that can’t handle AAC encoded radio stations - only MP3. Most of the Absolute Radio stations in VTuner are now on the AAC streams, as they’re better quality.

If you email me your VTuner ID and I’ll add them to your Added Stations area as an example (that area of VTuner can be a bit confusing to use). Email: steve.harris(at)

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Will do Steve. Is this an upgrade (board) that you can do?

Hi @BigWedge,.

Yes - there is an upgrade to the 24/192 (eDMP3) streaming card that gets it to the standard that still ships in the NAC-272. Naim support can quote on cost to have the unit upgraded.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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