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Just did a sanity check here (uk) and based on v3.7.1 firmware it plays. I think JB has some geolocation restrictions as well, so maybe blocked in some countries.

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Steve, I’ll trust you on your statements about the silicon. Having said that, you obviusly now my tiny project “ForwardProxy”? ← Link

I started this somewhere in March as a solution/workaround allowing Gen1 users enjoy the HD streams. To be 100% correct, I started this as a personal challenge to listen to Naim Jazz in HD, as this is what I like. The moment I got this fixed, I extended my application to support multiple HD stations. This worked out quite good. At the same time I figured out there were still some other Naim customers suffering with the same issue.

At home, I’m running this on a Raspberry PI, but as I developed the application in Java, it’s very easy to port this to other environments. So, to share this with other customers, I created a Free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment in both Frankfurt and Phoenix where I deployed the software. Initially I only ran it in Frankfurt, and yes, this caused latency/drop-out issues for people residing in the US. Hence, the Phoenix hub. Based on feedback, I never faced issues with for example JB Radio 2. I’m working from home and I’m listening via my “ForwardProxy” (FWP) to HD streams on 2 Gen 1 devices at least 14h a day, without hickups.

After 7y, I’m still very happy with my Gen 1 devices. Although, I don’t feel comfortable with the position Naim takes on Gen 1 devices wrt HD streams. I mean, if I can do it, as an average programmer, I’m confident Naim could do it for sure. Moreover, my solutions works ok since March, so yeah… what else to say?

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Based on my findings on Gen 1 devices:

  • Naim allows plain vanilla Flac files via the DLNA/UPnP input, not OggFlac. So, Minimserver allows you to create a radio station, and basically unwraps the OggFlac input to a Flac and feeds this to the Naim. So, for the Naim it looks you feed the DLNA input with a flac coming from you NAS, and it processes it.
  • The iRadio input is a different story. After lots of debugging, I came to the conclusion Naim refuses plain vanilla Flac input via iRadio. Up till today they never confirmed this. However, when I convert the same input to WAV and inject it in the Naim, it works. This is the reason why ForwardProxy converts to WAV and not to Flac.
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I think you know the answer: new feature support for previous gen products are driven by market demand, strategy and priorities. That one (HD radio) isn’t but airplay2 did.

Does anyone know why the JB Radio 2 Flac stream only shows the song title and not the artist? Is this because it not transmitted by JB, or how the metadata is being handled?

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