Internet Radio, missing stations

Hi everybody,
since last year I’m an happy owner of a Mu-so 2nd gen.
I couldn’t find Radiodeejay, an italian web radio, so I followed these instructions, kindly posted by Steve:

RE: Radio DeeJay I will ask VTuner if they can add it to their directory. One issue I see is that it’s in HLS format only so will be limited on devices that can play the stream. As a short term work around you can add the station at using URL:
The quality is quite low (46kbit AAC HLS), but its the only stream that seems available.

The solution worked fine till last week, when suddenly Radiodeejay on my Muso has gone mute.
I checked VTuner, reinserted URL… nothing.
Please can you help me?



Steve please help me…

paging @Stevesky for help

Thanks Richard.
How can I send a private messagge to Steve?

You can’t, although staff can initiate one. I’ve paged Steve, so hopefully he’ll see it and advise if possible.

Hi @matteoazzolin

Last weekend Deejay radio changed their backend systems, which in turn broke the url’s.

New url for the primary station:

That’s 128k aac in an hls container



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Thanks a lot Steve and Richard!

I was wondering if Steve can give me also the correct URL for the image of Radiodeejay, I never got it to work using VTuner!

Hi @matteoazzolin

Try this:



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Thanks Steve, very kind.


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