Internet radio not working

The internet radio system stopped working on my atom. I see there is an update to 3.8.0. I do the update, but no radio still works. When you enter internet radios, you keep searching. I already turn off 5 minutes and it remains the same. Any suggestion?

I have the same problem with my Atom also. I think the problem lies with Vtuner servers not Naim

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Same here- cannot get any radio stations to load
Glad to hear I’m not alone

Addendum- My Qobuz doesn’t work so well either.
Albums take long time to load
Could this be all due to Naim app problem?
I just updated to 3.8- but 2 days ago and all worked fine until today

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Also, all the images are larger, which I don’t like.
How to shrink album images?
Could all this be from the firmware update?

I had the same thing happen on my NAC N-272 (4.8 firmware) from about 16:00 U.S. Central time until about 18:30 U.S. Central time today (Dec. 13). Tidal also wouldn’t stay connected. No other devices on my network had connectivity issues during this time. All good now. Weird.

Mine now working after unplugging streamer, turning off Naim app, and rebooting router.
The only thing that hasn’t returned to normal is the icons representing the different albums and the radio stations are a bit larger - would prefer smaller so I can see all my favorite radio stations on the same page

*figured out how to adjust icon size. Over one year using Naim app and I finally understand that it is easy to change the size. I’m an idiot

Hi guys,

VTuner had to do some server side work on primary and secondary server instances. It was down for 90mins from 23:00 to 00:30 UK time.

All back to normal now.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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