Internet radio stops and has to be restarted manually

This morning I have had 2 instances where my internet stream has stoppped for no good reason. 1 I went outside with my qb playing internet radio, when I came back the stream was stopped. Then just now I was listening to my nd555 streaming and again the stream suddenly stops. The network works fine the computer has no problem accessing the internet. Looking in the app the stream is selected but I need to reconnect when looking at the now playing screen. This has happened on and off over the last week, not counting the server downtime saturday.

This happened here last night, on a Qb1. Radio 4 was playing and then just stopped. Choosing it from a preset and pressing ‘play now’ got it going again. I wonder if there is a glitch in vtuner or whatever it is that Naim use.

I’ve experienced that every now and again on my NDX2. Its easy to reconnect so doesn’t really bother me.

This happens frequently to me too. To reconnect, I have to restart the app. Very odd, and quite annoying at times.

In the 9 years I used my ns01 the original vtunar implementation this happened very rarely, so seeing this seveeral times a week seems a step backward.

Were you listening to FLAC streams by any chance?

Same happening here on my NDX2. Usually it happens during the night. It’s on 24/7 but once or twice a week the NDX2 is in standby mode in de morning - meaning it lost its stream during the night imo. Selecting the same stream again (radio) on the app gets things going again. Odd…

When it happens during the day, there is no internet outage or anything. It just turns silent. :man_shrugging:t2:

This happens 5x a day with me - but seems to be a specific and (morning) time related internet radio station problem (Lounge fm terrace).

The real annoying thing here is that the 555 software can’t handle such breakdowns or outages properly and crashes itself. Hence streamer needs to be rebooted or the 552 needs to switched to another input and then other preselected (and reliable) internet radio station can be selected again to bring internet radio music back …. all very weird and frustrating….

No non of these streams are in flac format good old medium bandwith mp3 format for the Danish stations at least.

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