Internet Radio Stream being discontinued

Hi maybe a question for @Richard.Dane in particular

Back in 2020 Bauer Radio bought out an number of local radio stations including Stray FM which have been re-branded Greatest Hits Radio

Each time I turn on the Internet radio there is an announcement that “ the current stream is being discontinued and you should retune to GHR Harrogate and Yorkshire Dales”.
I think the change occurs on March 1st.

Looking at the list of GHR streams there are several localised ones but not Harrogate and YD
At present stream is still showing Stray FM.

Question Will GHR H and YD appear at some point?
Asking because there is local news traffic and weather

Tagging in @Stevesky who’s the master of Naim’s Internet radio.

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Hi @VinoVeritas

VTuner are in progress of adding in all the new variants of Greatest Hits Network - they’ve done about 1/2 the network so far. Typically they map the original stations to the new station stream (as some users won’t know that the station has been taken over) , but eventually the old ‘dead’ station will be removed from the database.

So in summary, your local variant will be in the database soon.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Many thanks.

Hi @VinoVeritas

Just to close the loop the on this one, vtuner have updated the database and it now points to:


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Thanks for the update
The stream has now stopped saying it will be closing soon

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