Internet radio streamer

Looking for suggestions for an internet radio streamer I can connect to my DAC- V1 that is connected to my SuperNait2. Thanks.

It is not a physical streamer, if this is what you want, but Roon supports an impressive list of internet radios.

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Do you have a computer hooked up to the V1 USB port? There are plenty of iRadio apps that will run on a Mac or PC that will give you access to pretty much every station out there.

I just picked up an Allo DigiOne player for a small sum from that auction site, as a trial, and I now have an order in for a new Allo DigiOne Signature - for a non-Naim DAC - the Digione has SPDIF output; from the Allo website - there are many reviews on line, including YouTube.

You can go ‘Up’ a bit to a Project StreamBox Ultra or Stack Audio Link. These are USB output . Again there are plenty of reviews online.

It is worth keeping the streamer/bridge separate from PC or laptop as these are not typically optimised for audio.

Allo have not delivered the DigiOne Sig, or provided a shipping notification; it is now three weeks since the order. Customer service is not their strong point.

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