Internet radio that doesn't need a mobile/tablet etc

I am looking (UK based) to replace my partner’s old iKON internet radio particularly as it doesn’t pick up BBC Sounds as it’s 10 years old. He hates computers, doesn’t have a Smart phone (and refuses to have one - he’s 76) but everything I’ve looked at seems to need “a device” in order to search etc, whereas the iKON has its built in key pad.

Do such devices still exist? Can anyone please point me in the direction of a reasonably priced one? He finds little entertainment in TV, so the radio from around the world is essential, especially during the winter.
Thank you in anticipation of some guidance.

I had a Majority Robinson Internet Radio Adapter which plugged into the amplifier which worked well.

Not too expensive either.


I brought a Roberts Revival iStream 3L for my mother a couple of years ago for Christmas was quite impressed.

Internet radio station lists are available from the top lcd screen and I think it also can do podcasts.

Comes with an app to set up the wi-fi then it looks like a normal old school radio bar the top lcd display.

I use a Revo Superconnect radio in my kitchen and love it. Internet radio, lovely sound and beautiful design.

Brilliant! Thank you for your reply. I hadn’t found Revo - probably because it’s a bit pricier than I was looking at (though I actually have one of their record decks) and a British Company, though sadly I see “assembled in China”.

Can you tell me please what is the ‘joystick’ I see referred to in a review? And can you confirm that it has an inbuilt keypad so that no smart phone or other device is necessary to access the internet stations? I see it says that podcasts cannot be entered manually - what does that mean - you are stuck with those that are pre-set?

I note a trade review says it’s best if near the router - my partner’s is upstairs and the radio sits downstairs, and the one he uses now does drop out from time to time - do you find connectivity an issue?

And finally (I hope) can you get BBC Sounds and Listen Again?

Many thanks for putting me on to this one - although more than I had intended to pay - my other half is worth every penny as he helped me through hard times looking after my Mum with dementia.

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Thank you for your reply, I had looked at Roberts, but was sort of put off by some of the customer reviews that said connectivity wasn’t good and it dropped out a lot - that’s a problem my partner has with his current radio - apart from being old software.

I will look again though.

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Hmmm, thank you for your reply - I hadn’t come across that in my researches, I’ll have a better look.

Best Regards,
The Stitcher

Everything, literally everything has come from China, its time to fight a different battle.

The joystick is that little thing in top right of photo that you use to navigate the menu (shown on display). I am pretty sure that BBC Sounds is not available as an internet radio station - that is additional functionality in the device. If I want to play BBC Sounds then I use Bluetooth to the Revo via my iPhone

I have always found WiFi connectivity to be v good and mine is not close to my router

Thank you for that - the joystick is a tad smaller than I’d envisioned! Other half will never use a smart phone, he is adamant about that.

Thanks for your help.

You do need good eyes and fine motor skills to operate it! Oh well - happy hunting!

I’ve connected an Echo Dot via Bluetooth to my preamp. I installed BBC sounds and use Alexa to call up my programs or even live radio if I want…
Alexa, play BBC Sounds
What do you want to hear
Play I’m sorry I haven’t a clue
Playing I’m sorry I haven’t any (!) clue from the 19th December
Play latest episode
Etc etc

We have a Roberts in the kitchen. Initially had connectivity issues when we bought it 3 or 4 years ago but it just needed a firmware update and it’s been rock solid ever since.

Works very well.

BBC sounds is a screen based App, not a station. I.E. on mobiles, tablets, PC’s TV’s etc. so if that’s a key requirement a device with that kind of connectivity would be required. One of the Amazon Echo Show products maybe? No phone required, screen built in, BBC Sounds available.

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Thanks but this is far too advanced for my computer hating partner. Bluetooth doesn’t exist in either of our houses. He doesn’t have Alexa either. In fact he calls the computer “the device of the devil”. I’ve sorted some brands of radio with internet connection and that’s as far as he wants to go.

As long as we can pick up the individual BBC stations - that will be fine - but only when they start broadcasting something worth listening to, having taken off their genre broadcasters and programmes, though they have seen the error of their ways and are introducing a new format radio 2 that will play 50s, 60s and 70s - but I suspect the horse has bolted!

PS the radio looks good though and I believe Roberts are bringing out some new models, as a CD player would be a good add on.

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