Internet Radio Track Info on NDX2

I know that, for example with BBC streams, they transmit track information on the stream (ie track playing, artist, cover art and so on). This will show up if I stream a BBC station in my car or on my phone. However, streaming on my NDX2, via the Naim app, none of this information appears on the app or the NDX screen. All you see is, for example, a BBC Radio 6 Music logo. Is there a setting I’ve missed? Thanks.

No information isnt great in the screen but you should see what you need in the app. It would be nice to see a little more info though.

In the app you should see more in the Now Playing screen (which you get into by tapping the bottom of the screen where the presently playing is shown).

I don’t think that works for BBC?

As you say, the BBC doesn’t show any metadata at all, but you can get the bit rate, which is useful information so you know you are listening to the right stream, which is what I meant.

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