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We have just moved to Dumfriesshire and when I tried to tune the 2 systems into “Cumbria and SW Scotland” it is not available. However it is available on our DAB radio.
There must be about 20+ stations to tune into but Cumbria is not available.

Any Ideas??

Latest info and hope is correct.

On 3 April 2023, the station formerly known as CFM rebranded to Greatest Hits Radio with the previous breakfast show host Robbie Dee now presenting the 1pm - 4pm afternoon show.

Thanks for your reply, but that station is not available when you look at the list of GHR.
Nothing in Scotland is available.

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Sorry that was all I could find. :slightly_frowning_face:

It was rebranded as Greatest Hits Radio

I tried to find it but failed. I’m copying in @Stevesky at Naim in the hope it can be added. My wife is a big fan of GHR, especially Ken Bruce and Simon Mayo.

Thanks for that, I’m the same as your wife.
Currently we’re tuned into Liverpool and North West because it’s the nearest to SW Scotland

Thanks, it is available on DAB, but not on the list of internet radio stations on our Naim, nothing in Scotland is available

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It is on Linn Airable.
Should be on vTuner by 2026.

It is still playing on the old station on vTuner - same station - search cumbria.
CFM Radio 96.4 FM


Airable for the win. Just works.


Thank you, I think I’ve found it now