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How do you add / search for internet radio stations in the Naim app?

When I go into the app all it says is no results.

I have tried to enter the Mac Address into vtuner but that keeps saying ‘The vTuner MAC Address you entered was not found. Please make sure that you have entered it correctly.’. It definitely is correct.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Brett. I also had frustrating issues with VTuner. Naim were very helpful. This is what I was told (I’m paraphrasing):

<<The VTuner favorites system is not ideal on Naim products as Naim has its preset/favs system. If you add stations to the VTuner favorites system, it will go into a black hole forever.

Add radio stations through the Naim app. The search is slow and imperfect (definitely not Naim’s words!), but if you use VTuner to add stations that are already in the Naim directory, you won’t get the benefit of automatically updating URLs when radio stations change backend servers.

On the Naim favorites system, when a given station is playing, press the ‘star’ icon on the Now Playing screen and it will save the station inside the app.>>

I hope that helps. I am by no means a techie or a Naim expert, so maybe someone else can leap in. If you still don’t get the answers you need, Naim customer service is excellent.


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can’t even search for stations at the moment. When I am in the internet radio part of the app all I get is No Results on the screen and nothing happens when I search…

May need to call Naim. They haven’t replied to my email in 3 days.

The problem is not in the Naim app, its just a dumb reader & can only link to & report (show) what the streamer sends it. So what streamer are you using. Have you tried a power cycle, reset to factory settings, is the streamer & router set for DHCP.

Sorry, what’s a steamer? Vtuner says it can’t find my MAC code.

What are you suggesting I do a power cycle/reset to factory settings? The Muso?

The router seems to be set you DHCP according to the app.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Seems to be sorted. I did a reset as you suggested. Thanks!

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So the streamer is a Muso.
Does the Naim app open a screen that shows all the Muso services
Does the screen show iRadio ?? thats the Naim web radio service & the service provider is vTuner.

The Naim app does not access vTuner as such

ive got the same problem, no results, cant add any stations. and naim is not responding. wuhuu

Try a reset of the Naim player. I did that and hey presto all stations appeared in the app. I’ll still use tune in on Chromecast though!

For reference the below is Naim’s advice on adding a station. .
Anyways, Naim Support thought I could add to favourites from here to make Podcasts easier to find in app. I am now suspecting this is not the case (reading the above and using the website). A defintive no would be good (or bad!). Is there any way you can subscribe to a podcast in app or make your favourite podcasts more easily found. Can you add url/link to the added stations to find your podcasts or is this a dead duck? I am thinking I might have to use alternative app for podcasts.

Go to

Enter the deviceʼs MAC address, this can be found in the ‘About’ tab of the Settings menu.

Use Search function to locate the radio station you are looking to add.

Click the icon that shows a Heart and plus sign.

You will be prompted to log in to the Internet Radio account, you can create one at this time if you do not have one.

The radio station will be added to your device, and will appear in the ‘Added Stations’ folder on the iRadio screen on the App.

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