Interruption in radio connection

Hello. I couldn’t find this thread on the forum.
The radio connection is interrupted. It always happened, but more and more often and with more radios.
It does not happen with the connection of Spotify, Tidal, etc. They work perfectly and without interruptions.
I have an Atom. Movistar service of 300 mb, in Argentina. No connection problem with TV or other devices. Only with the Atom.
The network wiring is with a common cable, several times I changed it for others, new and of good quality (not hiend level).
I decided to make the wireless connection and it works fine, without interruption.
I don’t want to get into the discussion of network cables (there are many). Since the interruptions are only on the radio, not with Tidal. If it was the cable I should have the same problem with Tidal and Spotify.
My guess is that the demand for data consumption is higher on Tidal than on the radio. I don’t understand what can happen
I can’t think what the problem would be. Tech support remotely checked the connection and it was fine. They don’t seem to know what it could be either.
Any ideas?

I am sorry that I cannot resolve the situation for you, but I can sympathise as I had exactly the same problem about a month ago on my first generation Mu-so Qb.
@Naim.Marketing mentioned that sometimes there are issues that affect just a few users. Maybe that’s the case for you here, sounds possible if no others are reporting similar drop outs?
I have two Naim streamers and the problems only affected one unit despite both having identical connections to the network.
I raised the issue with Naim support too but have yet to receive a response, so I am afraid that I can’t really offer any practical advice.
I assume that you have reset the unit and the network. Those things didn’t work for me in this instance, but like computers it’s amazing how a complete reset can sometimes fix problems.
Hope it gets fixed for you soon.

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We have had similar problems from time to time with a MUSO QB 2nd Generation. Best solution seems to be to unplug the box; wait 10 minutes; plug it in again. This gives us a reset. Then it can work fine for weeks…

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Yes. I have tried factory reset, modem reboot, unplug all night. Any. The only thing that works is wireless connection

If it works fine with wireless, why not keep it wireless? (sorry if that seems obvious!)

hi Clare
Yes, you are now connected wireless.
But if the drive has a fault you should be able to claim before you lose the warranty or the fault gets worse; I would not rest easy with a provisional solution.
And on the other hand, today Atom and modem coincide in the same room, but this was not always the case with other internet providers and the strength of the signal drops considerably when the modem should have been on another floor of the house.

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