iOS metadata editor… recommendations?

I plan on doing a small amount of metadata editing on my ripped flac files. My files are on a thumb drive that I can connect to my iPad Air 5th gen with a USB C hub. I was hoping you knowledgeable folks would have some recommendations!

I found this thread:

but it is a few years old now…

Ideally I would edit the file directly on the thumb drive, but it might be that I need to copy them to iPad first (I will experiment).

Thanks in advance!


The one I use & it does it all & far more than I would ever use is MP3Tag … open source (free) but voluntarry donations are requested
Don’t be out off by the MP3 name, it does all the lossless & lossy format/codec


Is that available for iOS or iPadOS? I’m looking in the App Store (UK) and failing to find it…

I assume you dont have access to a PC or Mac, as that would be far far better and easier to manage

Not that I’m aware, not even sure how to upload a FLAC file on a tablet type device, plus I suspect a non Apple licenced FLAC on an iPad might cause issues with Apple.

I use a proper grown up Windows 11 computor

Not currently… I am “between Macs” ATM.

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Ah OK. MP3Tag is available in the App Store for Macs, so as you probably know, once you have purchased it the once, it will be on all your Macs forever more

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For IOS, there is a version of MP3Tag available under the name Evertag. I have never used the PC or MAC versions of MP3Tag so I can’t vouch for how similar it is, but it certainly works. It is not well documented though and the developers don’t respond to emails.

Aaaahhh… I did see Evertag, but was not aware of its “provenance”… worth a punt I think :+1:t2:

I use Metadatics, great functionality and (for me) an intuitive interface.

I was using it yesterday to ‘curate’ a digital album of guide tracks for my wife’s choir - so it provides track numbering and you can choose your own cover art.

For some weird reason I never have cover art set when I download individual pieces from Apple’s music store, so I use it to set the artwork.


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Metadatics is very good, and has long been the go-to metadata editor for OSX, but there is no iOS version.

I didn’t realise this, Chris, not a problem for me I do all the metadata editing on my laptop.


So do I (except for CD rips, where I use a Naim ripper that has an iOS app) but the OP wants to use an iPad. I’m sure there’ll be a suitable app out there somewhere.

Are you sure it’s the same people?

I find Florian of mp3tag very communicative so this aspect sounds quite unlike him.


I think it’s not the same developers, but I believe they start with the Mac version of the MP3Tag.

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