iPad Hi Rez audio cable connection

I have a Naim Atom and would like to stream hi rez audio through my IPad Pro 9.7. As we know up to 24/48 is available wirelessly. However if you want to go higher than you need a cable connection. So what to use for lightning on one end and toslink/bnc digital connection on the other end of the Naim. I want to avoid additional boxes.
Thank you

Hi, do you really need to use your iPad as a digital transport? Naim streamers only really support connections from iOS devices via AirPlay or Chromecast.
You cannot simply connect an iPad with a cable. You would need a converter.

Yes I would like to use the iPad for Apple music. Darko audio on YT shows a connection with an external dac. Not sure why this is not possible with the Atom.

Other than a converter what other option is there?

The atom doesn’t have a usb dac so you would need something like the original meridian explorer which has usb in and optical out via the non headphone socket. But then you are limited to the maximum resolution that optical supports.

There’s no simple solution here, you’ll end up with a birds nest of cables and dongles, at a minimum you need:

iOS device → Lightning to USB cable → USB to SPDIF bridge → Optical or Electrical digital cable → Uniti device

It’s a possibility that Apple may enable a HiRes streaming capability that companies like Naim can take advantage of, much as they do today with Tidal and Qobuz.

I’m not clear how much of the Apple library is available in the various quality levels, only a percentage, and probably a small one, is going to be above 24/48, the point at which Apple hardware needs help.

Thank you all. Sounds like a lot of bridges to cross to get to the other side where there is limited content availability, at least for now.
But it also points to the need for manufacturers like Naim to install these streaming services like AM and AMZ M as native apps.
Don’t like Tidal content and Q not available in Canada.
Waiting to see what Spotify does with high rez.

That’s not a big issue surely? It’s effectively a lead between source and target, with a bulge in the middle.

The other approach is to use a USB DAC on the iPad and then connect with an analogue cable. You would be surprised how well this works. The Audioquest Dragonfly Red or Cobalt would be my choice (depending on budget). These are very small, powered from the iPad and produce extremely good sound quality.

You will need an adapter between the iPad and the DAC of course.



In simplistic terms it’s what I would call a faff, having to dongle your way out of a limitation that Apple themselves have created.
Even their own ecosystem can’t fully support a software service they provide, that to me seems like the cart leading the horse.
If they opened up the Apple Music ecosystem to 3rd parties to provide an interface in to it that could be supported natively, all you’d need at that point would be a cup of your favourite beverage and a remote or controller app on a phone/tablet.
I think my more relevant point made previously is that they are likely to evolve the service to be more closely aligned to the business model they apply today for Apple TV which is available on non Apple devices, in order for Apple Music, especially the higher quality versions of content, to be scalable and not be a fudge of cables and dongles.
You can enable work arounds today, but the likelihood is that at some point in a future firmware release for Uniti and ND, you’ll see an Apple HD capability enabled.

Fair enough, I was just responding to the suggestion that it would be a faff due to “a birds nest of cables and dongles”

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