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I’m going to trade my iPad for an iPad Pro 12.9” and want to get a new keyboard. I use an iMac for most of my desktop work but like a keyboard for the iPad for when I’m out and about and which doubles as a stand for watching stuff on the move. Equally I don’t want a laptop as I mainly use it for reading stuff etc.

The obvious choice is an Apple but I’ve had 3 of them with the current Pad and they’ve each been replaced under warranty, Logitech is the next obvious but I’ve seen something called Geniocase (not allowed to share links) which ship direct from the USA and the design looks really smart, multi-position and good keyboard spec. Normally, I only buy something of this ilk after viewing but wondered if anybody had more knowledge or even experience?

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I have a 1st generation iPad Pro with the keyboard/front cover attachment which is ok, but I was very surprised how much better some of the newer Apple covers/keyboards with trackpads were a year or so ago but they’re extortionate cost wise.

If you got a protective case which you could use to stand it upright you could use a slimline standalone Bluetooth keyboard I assume, even Apple’s, not sure if you could connect a separate trackpad. That might be a clumsy solution for travel though.

Interesting question.

Well if I were you, I would buy Apple anyway, especially as all your failures were replaced under warranty.

But more to the point I would probably not (and indeed haven’t ever) use a keyboard with an iPad. The touchscreen is good enough in my long experience (about 5 or 6 of them) unless you are trying to write a long paper or something.

And another thing. I updated my 9” older iPad Pro to a 12.9” iPad Pro about 18 months ago. It’s a lovely thing but it’s so heavy! Next time I think I will go for a 9/10 inch one again.


Thanks guys.

Have a look at the Studio Neat Canopy. You can use a full size Apple keyboard (without the numeric keypad).

I have had a couple of them for a few years and really like them.

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I have used both Apple & Logitech keyboards with my various iPads. They work.

I have tried other cheap keyboards. Sometimes they work.

I like the Logitech MX Keys Mini, works well with iPad Pro 12.9” plus two other Bluetooth computers (in living room v useful to switch over to media PC). Sometimes it takes two or three key presses to wake up the Mac Mini, but that seems to be a known issue with Bluetooth keyboards and I haven’t noticed it affecting the iPad. It’s a real keyboard, but very light and small - same width as the iPad in landscape mode, easy to put in the same backpack. I like it better than the (original) Apple keyboards and it was much cheaper than the current Apple one. Highly recommended.

Any of the companion Logitech mice are also great (although I’m liking the jazzy little POP mouse more than the upscale MX Master mice for size and convenience and visibility!).

The case I have is from Spigen. In general, I highly recommend their cases and especially the screen protectors. I would deduct a point from this one because the magnet doesn’t really keep the last segment of the cover in place when you fold it right back (eg for laying flat or holding in your hands) … a bit of an annoyance. It’s stable enough as a stand, but I also bought a small aluminum stand (not a magnetic one yet) that I prefer since it raises the iPad up to a more natural (for me) working height. The one I have (UGreen) has two good hinges that are easy to adjust for tilt / height and for folding flat to put in the backpack.

With this rig, the iPad Pro is close to a moveable computer experience, subject to the iPadOS limitations - so it’s great for all the usual web / email / MS Office / online video calls stuff, but sometimes you can’t do some light but more complex stuff. Not really a huge factor for me, I must admit. The camera on the Portrait side only is a bit of a thing, but less so now that they pan and zoom to keep your face in the middle. The stand (as opposed to the folded lid of the case) makes a big difference to minimize the unflattering “nose cam” angle…

I had the Apple keyboard folio case on my previous gen iPad Pro… it was okay but expensive and less flexible than this setup, and never what you’d call a good typing experience anyway.

Like someone else said, the screen on the 12.9” is really lovely, but I find it heavy - lots of torque - when reading e-books or whatever. Totally amazing with e-magazines of course: full page size in portrait, still a great view in side-by-side landscape. I bought my parents the new Apple Silicon iPad Airs, and they are really fabulous, and a lot lighter: maybe take a look and evaluate the new models against your planned use if you haven’t already pulled the trigger.

Best wishes.

Once again thanks guys.

I’m still tempted by the Geniocase, it seems to tick so many boxes, may look at the Air, thanks @alan33.

I went to the website and it looks cool … but I don’t see any credible / independent reviews and the scam analyzer site doesn’t give these guys a good review. The Reddit question seems to be about whether this is real or a scam - although one unhappy guy (he received a ripped and empty envelope) got a ping from the site and received a refund.

Might be worth digging a little deeper Lindsay?? Let us know, especially if it’s a winner after all!

I’m going to skip it, not worth the risk.

Ok good to hear. That’s why I raised the concern: not to kill the idea but to highlight the risk.

I’ve been reading and watching how people online are setting up their iPads to be either laptop or desktop devices, and there’s a ton more stuff now than when I got my first gen iPad. I must say the keyboard and mouse capability totally changes the experience, much moreso than the stand. I don’t like using the on-screen keyboard while the iPad is propped up… not for more than entering passwords or URLs at least.

There is some sort of YouTube culture of “here’s my setup” (often sponsored I guess) that’s definitely worth watching to get ideas.

Your plan is a good one - and there are other flexible folio designs out there too. For me, a real external keyboard was much nicer for typing and ergonomics than one attached to the folio. Especially since it also enables raising up the iPad itself, which I much prefer.

The first one I had was a Logitech with a mousepad at the side - good start, only one connection, okay but not great keys. I much prefer the newer Logitech MX Mini.

Since then I’ve also dipped my toe in the mechanical keyboard arena… but you can spend way too much money and end up with a cupboard full of fun but unused toys haha!

I’ve had great success with Keychron and have just ordered their latest tiny / minimalist K3 Pro Ultra (awesome excessive name). Bigger but specialist brands, like Logitech and Keychron or whatever, are easy to source and try and, if necessary, return. I kinda feel that lowers the risk to the point where the biggest risk is if I will actually use it as I think I will. So far, it’s been a “yes”.

The latest info on iPadOS seems to indicate even more features suitable for desktop use - including adding a second screen and having better views of multiple running apps. So cool. For that, btw, the iPad Pro, with a Thunderbolt connection, may be usefully superior to an Air, which has only a slower USB C: connectivity through a single port will certainly be better over a faster interface.

Good luck with next steps. Would like to hear which direction you go.

I use an otterbox with my iPad and no longer use the Logitech keyboard / case, although the latter folds nicely to watch stuff.

I’m about to replace it so am watching the advice closely.

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Interestingly I asked on their FB page if they had a store and they messaged me back saying they didn’t have a store and can only provide by internet order. My instinct is that it’s genuine.

In any event I haven’t yet decided on which iPad so a little while to go.



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