iPad Pro to Chord Mojo to Uniti Atom for Hi Res playback?

Please be patient,
Having sold my Naim separates,have consolidated my Hi Fi to just TT ,Brennan B2 and the Uniti Atom.I am very pleased with the Atom but would like to avail myself of the Hi res options, currently have Tidal on the 90 day trial and have re- signed up to Amazon music For the HD/UltraHD option.
I am running Tidal and Amazon off my New IPad Pro via Apple AirPlay and back to the Atom but would like to attempt to attain the best resolution available by inserting my Chord Mojo between IPad and the Atom in order to let the mojo convert the higher bitrates and then allow the Atom to play the resulting quality sound? ( I assume !)
Does this sound feasible and if so how would I connect it?
I await the greater minds of the Naim Forum to lead me !!!
Regards Trevor

Hi, you just need a 3.5mm jack to RCA lead to connect the Mojo to the Atom analogue input. Set the Mojo to line level output, and you’re done.

Thanks for that ,I was obviously over complicating the process, the last thing I wanted to do is to damage over £2k of electronics after only two months of owning the Atom.
I am just using a usb-c connector from IPad Pro to Mojo and the sample rate is indicating between 176 -192 kHz ( on the coloured indicator ball ) at this moment , so hopefully that will continue on through the analogue input in the form of cleaner quality sound.
Again thanks for the quick reply ,it is much appreciated
Regards ,

Not sure you’ll get the best result using a mojo and analogue to the Atom. The analogue input digitizes everything to 48k/24 so you going through 2 dacs in then end. Just use Tidal that’s in Naim app it will be purer. Also Amazon service does not output bit perfect it does not bypass system audio and all output will be upsampled/downsampled to the devices default output. They night fix this but at the moment its borked. If you want hires then I would look towards Roon, Audivarna or wait for Naim to add Qobuz.

Just in case you’re not, run Tidal natively on the Atom using the Naim app.

Have been running Tidal via the Naim app, but cannot get my head round the analogue input has a signal path that digitises the analogue signal from my turntable and phonostage to 48k/24,(my intention was to share the analogue input by just disconnecting at the phonostage and connecting the Chord Mojo when needed ).It makes me think why did I sell my NAIT 5i as I assume no DAC is involved in the signal path to the speakers there.
The other concern is that Naim does not support MQA on Tidal and the trial is nearing its end and I will not continue my subscription (£20 pm. ) , as I am already subscribed to Amazon Prime I will persevere with the Ultra HD for the time being.
This is turning out to be a bit of a revelation and game changer all wrapped into one !!!

That’s a fair point. Putting all those components into one box, especially such a small one, is a compromise intended to give convenience, but inevitably at the expense of functionality. If you want to run an external DAC, that is a classic example of where separates will give you that versatility, as well as making fewer compromises to sound quality.

Just a thought ,regarding running IPad through either of the usb inputs on the Atom as an alternative to trying to utilise the external mojo dac and using the Atom’s dac allowing hi res streaming from Amazon Ultra HD.
Can this be done?

You cant run anything into the usb ports on the Atom its not a usb dac input they are a usb file reader only. So for connecting usb sticks or drives.

Are you sure about that? It’s not something I would normally need to do, but it works on the old Naim streamers, and I was under the impression it also worked on the new platform. I’d give it a try, but I’m not at home for a few days.

Its still won’t give you hires, been through this on the Amazon thread. It uses the old iPod / iPhone connection which is limited to 44.1/16 as that’s what iPods supported . You need USB audio protocol to get hires audio over usb and the atom for one does not support that. You may be able to get the ipad to play Amazon via it but it won’t be hires.

Fair enough, I wasn’t thinking about the HiRes issue, just that iOS devices still works via USB.

It mentions nothing about iOS devices for USB only hdds and sticks so.maybe they dropped it as you can use Bluetooth or airplay now.

I guess Naim don’t push the USB input as an option for iOS, as most will take a wireless connection for granted. The best you can expect there is probably 24/96 from Chromecast if I remember correctly. Assuming the Amazon implement it competently, that is.

They don’t support it at all atm only for their SD tier it will send it but only the compressed version, if they did it would still only send everything at system audio preferred rate. This is the biggest issue with Amazon so far, you can’t get it to output the same rate as the source recording its always set to the default system audio for the device your using.

This is the most confusing thread I have ever read!

Amazon high Rez is not high Rez. A DAC is actually a ADC and airplay is used to play music through a usb cord.

Who knew !

No idea how you got to this verdict. Does not read like that to me.

Well obviously you have a list of issues with Amazon. When you say it is not bit perfect can you supply a source for that? If it streams in rebook, and my “device” is capable of rebook. How is that not redbook?

It’s not bit perfect because it lets the system audio of the device control the output not the source or DAC. If on a pc or Mac it will upsample or downsample to the rate that your system audio is set to this could be 44.1/16 as an example. So if playing a 44.1/16 Redbook this is fine as it would be bit perfect unless your applying any additional processing. However if you play anything higher which the service calls Ultra HD so at 44.1/24 , 88.2/24, 96/24 or 192/24 then system audio will downsample to 44.1/16. So not bit perfect. Same goes the other way you might have system audio set to 192/24 as your soundcard or DAC can handle that as max rate. Then all audio not at 192/24 will be upsampled to 192/24 so not bit perfect. A good service would allow the application to rate switch so the output matches the source. Tidal and Qobuz do this.

On a phone it’s the same all android users will get 48/24 output all the time regardless of a DAC or content , iOS is similar.

Bit perfect is an unmolested signal, you get out the same as what the source rate is. Amazon Music does not do this at all, unless your using hardware such as Bluesound which will play bit perfect and rate switch the DAC to what’s being played. Denon HEOS may also do this but can’t confirm as I don’t have one. I do have a Bluesound so know this works as it should. I have tested on all other devices and it’s not bit perfect.

If your use Tidal or Qobuz you get bit perfect with an external dac on pc, Mac, iOS and all the hardware that also supports them

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