iPad software update from 15.7.1 to 16.2

I currently use the former
My iPad beckons the update. Have read of problems with Naim app after doing this.
Current view of this upgrade?
Should I do it?

I’ve had no issues on iPhone or iPad

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Both my phone (SE) and iPad (6th gen) refuse to update despite clearing apps so that there is enough space. The failed to update message says that they are not connected to internet.

This update says it’s for 15.7.2 rather than 16.2, and the firmware says no updates are available. The Mac website says that they should be compatible with the new software … but I’ll have to wait and see.

No problems here on 16.2.

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I suggest perhaps a different question - why do you consider you need to do the upgrade imminently - is something broken? Perhaps if you need to ask the question, don’t be in a rush.
There were a number of issues when iOS 16.* was first released.
Most of the posts here so far don’t give any details of what peps have upgraded, so when anyone comments that they don’t have any probs, impossible to know what products they have upgraded. Different gen will have different issues, even with the same iOS upgrade.
With long experience of systems and upgrades, I would always suggest, if not required, let everyone else find the issues and upgrade when needed.
I have iPad pro 3 gen on 15.7, an iPh X and one XR on 15.7 and one XR on 16.2. The latter has had some issues since the upgrade requiring a network reset, so I have stalled any further upgrades, ymmv.
Finally no one has mentioned the absolute imperative need, to take a backup before upgrading. Use of icloud may be simple, but if an upgrade adversely affects internet connection after upgrade, that in itself may be problematic, if a restore is required.

I’ve had no problems with IOS 16.2 or IPAD OS 16.2.

But 16.3 is being released this coming Tuesday so you might want to wait for that.

Upgrade done and so far all is fine

Upgrade on iPhone and iPad working!

I am using the current Naim app with IOS 16.2 and it works fine on my iPhone 14 pro max and iPad Pro. I have not seen any issues. Also works fine on MacOS Ventura (13.1)

16.3 is now out.

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