iPhone 15 not connecting to my Naim Uniti

Hi, my new iPhone isn’t connecting to my Naim Uniti. Any ideas?

Try swiping up on the app to close and then re-opening it.

Next may be deleting and reinstalling the app.

However, before you do that, please check that you had not made the mistake I did.

Check that the WiFi that the telephone and hence the app believes you are using is the one that the Uniti box thinks you are using.

I know the last bit sounds obvious, but I still missed it when an Apple update randomly changed which it thought of as the ‘default’ WiFi service. Luckily, I had not forgotten the password, and the nice chap from Infidelity who noticed what had happened didn’t call me an idiot or anything….

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When I set up my 15 I did the transfer from old iPhone system, (pops up when you bring it close to your new phone) Naim app and Roon did not work until I uninstalled and reinstalled them.


Thanks, Nick. We have a WiFi router and a ‘boost’ device, and the Naim only recognises one.

Ideally you set the two up to be part of a seamless network. I believe the key is to give them the same name or something like that. I’m sure a look at the instructions will tell you how.

I have router and boosters too. Post update, my iPhone apparently decided automatically that the momentarily- strongest WiFi signal the one to use, not the one it was using previously (which was almost equally strong). The iPhone had passwords for both, so we didn’t notice what had happened until someone checked the name of the WiFi network on Settings against the one recognised by the NDX2.

Of course I may be the only person daft enough to make that particular mistake….

Having two separate wifi networks within the home is just . . . wrong. You surely can get the boosters and router to provide just one seamless network.

I can’t imagine living with 2 networks like that!

We tried, and failed. It did just that with the old router but pairing with Orbi seems beyond us with what Virgin sent me last year. I may need to lay some specialist person vastly younger than me to achieve perfection - the Virgin chap gave up after about 3 hours with all the correct passwords.

Mind you, my neighbours ensure that asking my telephony to connect to a new WiFi network usually offers a choice of 7…

I use Netgear Orbi stuff as “boosters” and I know from experience that setting up your home router to work with them seamlessly may not be simple.

The challenge comes from the Orbi base unit itself being a router (thus the ability to create a wifi network). What you need to do is to put the Virgin router into some sort of “pass-through” mode such that it does not create a network as well.

The other thing you could try is to just turn off wifi on the Virgin router…effectively leaving you with just one wifi network.

Importantly - how is the Uniti connected to the network? Wifi or ethernet cable?

Cable to the NDX2.

Turning off the router as a network seems obvious but meant that nothing was found if you see what I mean. I’ll probably try it again soon. In the meantime, thanks for trying.

I have a 4G router and a mesh setup from that. The mesh has a separate network name as well as a guest network. I have told my i-devices to forget the network created by the router. That works for me.

So a big issue is that if your Uniti is connected by a cable to your router, and your iPhone is on the Orbi network…the Naim App on the iPhone cannot connect to the Uniti because they are on 2 different networks. But perhaps you know that already :slight_smile:

And what you should do is to hardwire the Uniti to one of the Orbi units, NOT the cable co’s router. That way the Uniti will be on the same network as the wifi!

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You also need to make sure that only one device has a DHCP server running. The problem often starts when the option to disable DHCP is blocked. If this is set up properly it should be possible to use both router and extender to connect over WiFi or Ethernet.
Mesh devices of a different brand to the router are unlikely to integrate with a LAN run on an ISP supplied router, but as far as we know the OP isn’t using Mesh.

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I think that with Orbi, you cannot turn off the Orbi base’s dhcp, because the Orbi units actually need an internal network that is established by the Orbi base. The Google Nest system works that way too.

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Therein lies the problem. People have reported this problem here before, particularly when their router also doesn’t allow it so you are effectively forced to use double NAT.
Still, if the OP isn’t using Mesh there’s every chance that it’s just a case of configuring the network settings properly.

My FiOS (fibre) router needs to run dhcp because the cable tv boxes actually need ip addresses, and my Orbi base needs to run dhcp for the reason above. It’s really not a problem, as the only thing (outside of those cable boxes) I connect to that router is my Orbi base. EVERYTHING else in the home is either hard-wired to the Orbi base, or is on Orbi wifi.

In this setup I see no issues with double nat but maybe I’m missing something.

If the orbies have routing then put the virgin in modem only. This is simply a config issue

Lack of connectivity is frustrating and some excellent advice already posted.

What surprises me is the high price point of the Orbi kit, yet they have appeared on other threads, where difficulties have equally been experienced.

My fttc from BT works seamlessly - with one caveat.

I have never used the ISP supplied HH(5). I Installed Draytek router from the first day of fttc and installed Ubiquiti waps back hauled across two buildings, with multiple naim streamers, apple tv boxes and two sky hd boxes (not Q). Some on wifi others on wired.

Everything connects without issue. The app on iOS never falters.
In essence, not all consumer level, as distinct from prosumer kit is equally flexible. Anyone who understandably prefers plug and play, will imho potentially come up against a lack of flexibility; that’s the nature of that solution.

At the comparatively high price for Orbi, for those yet to instal, there are other alternatives which may not be any more expensive, perhaps cheaper.
Few homes, if owner occupied, cannot be wired in a simple manner to install one or more hardwired waps. If a home has central heating and is fully plumbed, there are plenty of options for a decent sparky to install appropriate cat 5 cabling.

I completely sympathise with anyone experiencing difficulty with connectivity. The answer is perhaps not to rely on plug and play. I’m not a techy but I am willing to follow guidance to achieve a stabIe environment, so I did my own installation. I first installed cat 5 more than two decades ago!
It may in certain circumstances, still remain the most stable compromise, ymmv.

I did not buy the newest/fastest Orbi units and saved a lot of money that way. My home internet service is rated at 1 gig but realistically is usually 7-800 meg, and I have no need for that speed as it is much less the “up to 27 gig” that the latest wifi 7 stuff supports!

My observations were based on uk prices. The op as far as I can see, hasn’t identified their home country.
Good that you have secured a good deal; I was simply highlighting that Orbi is not in the uk, the only option with the prices involved.