iPhone upgrade

I currently have an iPhone 6s but would like a bigger display. From the models currently available through Apple it seems the 11 is a good bet for an upgrade at under 500 quid. Anyone have advice on this ?

IPhone 11 was a nice phone.

I’m still on an iPhone X but the ultrawide camera is a great benefit on iPhone 11 upwards.

As the iPhone 11 base model is still being sold by Apple that ought to mean it will continue to be upgradable as long as more recent/current models assuming new innovations are not dependent on chip performance or any newer hardware.

IPhone 6/6s had a lovely form factor, as does the heavier larger iPhone X - not too keen on much larger phones myself but will have to bite the bullet at some stage.

Is there a particular use or app that makes you want a larger screen?

I’d advise you to try to phyisically see and hold any options you are considering. I had both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the latter I never really got on with as it felt too big for me personally despite the better camera and other features it had.

No particular app just want larger screen this (6s) is 4.7” where the 11 is 6.1”. The availability, price, likely future proofing of the 11 are further encouragement

I have the iPhone 13 pro max and never been one to bother about the latest upgraded model. However, this phone is brilliant and for anyone who uses their phone for several apps, Google, etc. Yes it has an ultra-wide angle camera, but the real benefit is the screen scrolling, sensitivity and processing speed.

You won’t have future proofing with the 11.

You won’t have future proofing with any iPhone. You just have to decide what you actually want in terms of physical size, features, display quality, battery life, processor speed, etc. The 13 Pro Max is too large for me, so I went for the 13 Pro. It’s just fine for my needs and fits comfortably into my pocket.


Not as much but as a ‘current’ model it will not be made ‘vintage’ or ‘obsolete’ as quickly as those which aren’t current.

Naturally the high-end newest model is likely to be a little more future proof but at much higher cost.

Appreciate the speed/responsiveness will be better on the 13 but smartphones have been able to do what the majority need for several years now. It’s things like camera quality that I hanker after most being on iPhone X, and that’s not at all bad in itself but much better is available. For most apps/web browsing/email I’m happy with it.

The ultra wide camera is great - I was amazed at how much better my son’t iPhone 11 Pro Max was generally than my X but in particular the camera were streets ahead. The new cinematic movie features for video on current iPhones are impressive too but probably more than most need.

I still get updates for the 6s although it’s >6.5 years since introduction, the 11 only 2.5 years since intro. so should be good for a while

It just depends what you want in terms of performance (camera, etc) and the price you’re prepared to pay for it. I expect you can still get parts for a Ford Escort. It will still get you from A to B, but it won’t have the performance, reliability and economy of a modern Ford Focus

Yes, the ergonomics are important unless you’re carrying it in a bag or in your hand all the time.

Why not upgrade to an Alcatel.

I bought a 3L 2021 for under a ton last year. Same physical size as the 11. 64gb, 4 core processor, nice camera, streams football without a glitch.

Most importantly. Controls my streamers with no problems.:+1:

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The 11 is about 2 models behind the latest version so I doubt it will be around for too long but should keep going.

I’ve had the 11 pro for about 2 years. Photo quality is excellent. No slowing down noticeable with various apps. But the Pro models have smaller screens so probably not ideal for you.

There are lots of individual factors at play here.

I always used to buy the best current iteration of iPhone/iPad with maximum storage, but the best models are now eye-wateringly expensive (nothing new I guess).

If the OP is looking at the 11 then presumably features/price/still sold by Apple ticks the sweetspot.

I’ve often been tempted to look at Android phones, especially Oppo’s models in recent years - the features/performance:price is often much better however I do trust Apple considerably more with my data and am heavily invested in the ecosystem which makes considering non-Apple solutions more tricky even if I could get a better deal.

Thanks all for the advice, as with the HiFi it’s a balancing act on these phones

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Don’t forget Apple’s refurbished store either. For UK:

No entry iPhone 11 there currently, but a few of the deals might be attractive if in stock.

Also consider differences since 6s:

  • no headphone socket
  • you’d need as a minimum lightning Earbuds or an adapter unless looking for bluetooth audio
  • charging now via USB to lightning cable
  • newer iphones will not have Earbuds or USB C chargers, nor does the current iPhone 11 from Apple, but refurbished iPhone 11 items have a charger and Earbuds
  • SIM free vs SIM

In terms of size, weight and feel, I think the 6 was the sweet spot. I had one, and now an X (I get my phones as cast-offs from a son) - the X is great apart from getting a bit chunky in the pocket, and distinctly on the heavy side. Sometimes I think of going back to the 6, but my older eyes and fat fingers benefit from the X’s bigger screen!

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That’s one of the reasons why I got the 11 Pro. Noticeably smaller. Similar size to the 6 which I had before.

Fractionally bigger than the X - and half an ounce heavier!

I was writing sloppily.

11 Pro is noticeably smaller than the current crop in terms of case size. Similar case size to the 6 but a bigger screen given they got rid of the home button.

iPhone 12 onwards has the 5g