IPhone USB and nDac

I have tried to play some music on Qobuz from my iPhone plluged into the nDAC by USB, but there is no sound coming out from the speakers. I can only hear the music through my iPhone. I have tried the front and the rear usb port with no success. The nDAC has the latest firmware.

Have you experienced a similar problem?

I usually use a Node 2i as transport and wanted to compare the differences in sound quality between an IPhone and the Node 2i.

The rest of the system: 282/250DR/HCDR/Sonus Faber Sonetto V

Try playing something through the Music (a local file perhaps. or an iTunes download), and once that’s playing, then switch to a different app like Qobuz.

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As Gavin says, you have to trick the iPhone/iPad/ndac to talk to each other via usb; as I think that usb socket isn’t a usb dac input by default (or something along those lines).

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The NDAC was officially Apple certified as a ‘Works with iPhone’ device. Back then, iTunes downloads were all the rage and this allowed people to use their iPods (and subsequently iPhones and iPads) via USB.
As Gavin says, your phone usually needs a little nudge to get this working by playing something on Apple Music or another Apple app, then switch to Qobuz and it should work. Not always necessary, but it seems to be effective.

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Great, thank you!

I was trying this just the other day to test a new USB to lightning cable.

Plugged in cable to nDAC and iPad (9th gen/16.5.1), switched nDAC to Dock. Opened Tidal on iPad and started a tune - it came via nDAC no issues.

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Did you test the new cable for sound quality? If yes: what was your impression?

No just connected to both devices and once sound came out I turned Tidal off.

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