iPhone users - does anyone use iMazing 2?

Years ago I got DiskAid in some software bundle, and I think was upgraded for free to iMazing 1.

I’ve been meaning to use iMazing 2 for years and had actually forgotten I bought it as part of a bundle a few years ago.

While Apple have gone backwards in their user friendliness and flexibility for me this software is simply what it says on the tin.

Extract all user/personal data, encrypted or not, copy all photos/videos, store backups in easy locations you choose without faffing with symlinks, download App ipas to reinstall older versions if newer ones remove functionality etc etc

It really does seem excellent.

Just posting in case people don’t know about it - I want to control my documents and data independent of iCloud just in case.

Simple backup functionality seems free of charge too, more complex features require a purchase or a subscription - sadly yet another product going down the subscription model but they will inevitably have costs supporting new iOS/iPadOS versions and new hardware.


It’s a bloody good app though, just lets you do things you wish Apple would or hadn’t made too complex.

Is it still available?
Quick search on iPad does not show it.
Ah - must load it on my iMac … impressive!

It should be - iMazing 3 is undergoing beta testing I think.

It’s well worth a look as a lot of functionality is free.

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I’ve noticed that Roon is slower to respond on my iPhone and iPad - could this be due to VPN that seems to be setup following installation of iMazing?

Doubt it. iMazing should not require a VPN.

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Thanks … not sure where the VPN came from; I’m getting forgetful about my tinkering.

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