Ipod finally dead. What instead of iTunes?

My 160Gb ipod has finally given up. It has done service for many years as my mobile music and car library with files from iTunes ie not full high res.

I am going to buy a new and fairly inexpensive DAP to replace it and will need to keep those file formats. My whole full res library will be too large for a cheaper DAP with only one SD slot.

Assuming I buy a Fiio or similar running android which is the simplest program to use on PC and the device (and android auto in the car) to store the library without too much editing after the transfer? I am thinking of Media Monkey maybe.

Cheers Bruce

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Bruce, is it the battery or the HDD? Either or both can be easily replaced, the latter with sold state storage. For use in the car it’s still one of, if not the best DAP around thanks to it’s brilliant click wheel feedback

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Not sure. It just freezes after a few tracks and needs to be rebooted. Takes several goes to get working again sometimes. The battery appears OK. Does that sound like HDD?

I’d love to fix it but it must surely be towards the end if its life.


That sounds like either HDD or logic board.

I will research the options for repair but I was only gping to spend £150 on an alternative so not going to throw lots of money at it. I can get wifi and bluetooth functionality too which will be useful as it appears I am going to be doing a train commute a day or so a week in future,.

Thanks Richard

If you have to buy a new one I’ve got a Fiio X5 that’s not let me down, it’s a little clunky compared to the iPod but it does play hi res.

Sounds like the issue I had with mine. I had the HDD replaced with solid state (I believe it’s an bog standard SD card) for around £150 - now works fine.

Ask the repairer to put some sticky tape over the card to stop it popping out when you drop the iPod on the garage floor - yep, I did exactly that, just two days after the initial fix. Took it back to the repairer - 10 minutes later it was back working! Complete with additional sticky tape :slight_smile:

I am going to try getting it fixed as suggested. Such a nice convenient device.

Thanks all. iTunes will stick around for now I guess.

Bruce, if you’re not afraid of a getting your hands dirty and opening up the iPod, there’s a nifty little upgrade board that allows you to easily convert to memory card storage available from iFlash.


Hands dirty, no problem…

Looks like I’ve missed the boat here but I use a little Sony NWZ-A15.
Cheap, plays HiRes files and the Sony MediaGo software will import your entire iTunes library.

I suppose the most difficult bit would be removing the back without any damage. Certainly, the repair shop that did my iPod has had the back off twice, but you wouldn’t know it, I presume they have a special tool, and a lot of experience!

(am I allowed to mention their name? They did a good job on my iPod, iPhone4, SWMBO’s tablet etc!)

There’s a website called iFixit that gives clear and detailed guidance on opening and replacing a variety of thing, from iPhones to Mac Minis. They even supply special tools. I’d be very surprised if they don’t do iPod.

Of course. Yes, there are “spudger” tools that can help you to remove the back.

Or buy nice DAP from Fiio, Hiby, ibasso

I sold it ‘as seen’ on eBay and bought a Fiio M9 cheap ex dem. This is nice to use and pretty versatile. The sound is a bit smooth but not terrible. It will do what I need, I have an AK Kann when I want quality on the move.

I ended up just storing a selection of my whole collection in full res and just ditched the iTunes library

Someone else can try repairing my iPod

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Hiby r3 / r5 , fiio M11Pro and ibasso dx160 are good options around 250/450usd

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