iPod Replacement? (Cheap)

Hello All

Today I dropped my trusty iPod Touch and smashed the screen. I was already thinking about getting a new media player as the iPod was starting to have issues. So now I am looking for a new MP3 player, purely for sports/ walking use. I don’t want to have lots of music on my mobile.

On Amazon there are a plethora of strangely named Chinese devices that I have no idea about. Can anyone recommend anything cheap with decent size storage and bluetooth?


Look at the used market for products from Astell&Kern, ibasso, iFi, etc. great sound quality for a decent price.

One of the sandisk clip range should suit.

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Really? For just playing MP3 files whilst running?

Robert H - thanks I didn’t realise Sandisk did one with bluetooth - that will do just fine!

This is also a nice audio device:

Shanling M0 Pro.

replacement iPod on Ebay?

I have one in a drawer you can have for free if you are in the UK. Dumped it when it was no longer able to run the Naim app. Last time I get stiffed by Apple built in obsolescence.
Richrd - feel free to pass on my contact details if appropriate.

Why not just stream on your phone? It does not require having lots of music on it. You’ll only have to carry one device.

Fiio X1

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