iRadio shows empty lists on Uniti 1

Hello everyone. My Uniti 1 (firmware 4.7) cannot access to the vTuner lists under the item All Stations (Location>Country>All Stations; tested for UK and French stations, both on the app and the gear), but my Muso-Qb 2 does. Manually added stations works on the Uniti with the accurate urls (without logo). Any advice?

Have you tried a power cycle of the Uniti 1?

Thanks for the advice. I don’t know what a power cycle is. Do you mean a power off and on? a reset?

A power cycle means turn it off, unplug it from the mains so it is properly off for a minute or so and then turn it on again. Wait for it to start up and see if it’s ok now…

Thank you, I’ve tried it… empty list :frowning_face: I tested some other countries: works for Germany, not for Spain. Strange behaviour.

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