[iRadio / vTuner] BBC Radio 3 320kbps streams to Unitiqute v1?

Is there still a BBC Radio 3 320kbps stream that one can add to vTuner for the iRadio on a UnitiQute v1? I added one back in 2012 or so:

Station name: BBCR3 HDTest
Desc: 320kbps Test
Station URL:
Location: London, UK
Genre: Classical
Type: AAC3

My UQ says “Can’t Play Station Unavailable” I guess that’s gone … if it ever worked.

I ound a link for a different stream:

Which shows up in VLC as:

Codec: ADTS
Sample Rate: 48000Hz
Bits per sample:32

One can’t input this to vTuner as an IP[v4] address, port and/or some other switch are required.
Using Wireshark when playing the file I found there are three IP addresses where data is sourced:, and - all from port 80. I guess all from behind a load balancer, however a search on network-tools (so slow these days) and ultratools brings up a whole bunch of other IP addresses.

I’ve tried them all [edit: the 3 wiresharked addresses] in vTuner as /80, http://address/80, and combinations of AAC, MP3, 320 - and as the bitrate field doesn’t specify units - 320000, 320,000

How do I add this channel and the other BBC 320 channels.
Do I need the 192kbps board?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, you are right that you do need the 24/192 streaming board to use the BBC ‘HLS’ radio streams, and you need firmware version 4.3 or higher.

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