Is 202/200 combo not suitable to cds3/555ps?

If the transport is working OK I’d be inclined to leave well alone. Whether the power supply is needing a service is a different matter.

This is also how naim say about it. Based on the reply above, I am thinking if there is anything wrong with the tray because I am afriad I could not figure out if it is alright or not.

Unless something is obviously amiss, I can understand that it takes a familiar eye to see any issues with the tray. Ultimately it needs to be seen without the cover, however just removing the cover and putting back on, if inexperienced, can create even more problems if you get it wrong. One best left to your supplying Naim dealer.

Yes, you’re right. I’m a bit depressed because of this and also I’m in Germany so I couldn’t send it to Salisbury unless I send it to a British retailer.

In that case if you’re ion Germany then I’d get in touch with Musicline. They have a great deal of experience with the CDS3 and could advise you further.

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