Is a HugoTT2/SN3 / Spendor D7.2 a balanced system?

I’m starting again after having to sell my system because of a divorce.

At some stage I had a HDX/252/300/NDS/555 all DR Fraim and SL cables. I tried a Spendor D9 and didn’t get along with them. I suspect that the full SL loom was a link too far as far as revealing and brightness in system matching was concerned.

Now I’m able to start again, but with a much, much more modest system in mind. I have a Innous ZENMINI & LPSU & Hugo TT2 front end.

Thinking of adding a SN3 and Spendor D7.2 Just wondering if the HugoTT2 & SN3 is a bit more forgiving than the system I had ?

Then again Spendor have updated the D series to .2 status and I’m not sure if they have adjusted the slight brightness (to me) out of the original series ?

Demo is not possible due to where I live, but I can order the Spendor D7.2 in. Due to a tight budget, I’m at SN3 Integrated Amp price wise, with the option of adding a second hand HC2DR at a latter stage to max out the SN3.

You could use the TT2 as a pre and spend on a better power amp. Perhaps a used 300 for the money of a SN3.

Personally I think with such a good source the SN3 is more than capable of driving the D7.2s satisfactorily. It’s a superb integrated.

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Tried that into a 250DR, and I thought a Hugo 2 into SN2 was better. The former sounded somewhat “recessed” to me, sucked the life out of the music.

I think the TT2 into a SN3 is a great combo. But I have little experience with Spendor. I wonder though whether it would be worthwhile to explore the speaker market more widely — for a perfect match for your room and ears. The SN3/TT2 is worth the effort, I think.

I’ve had another look speaker wise & what’s available near me.

The Audiovector R3 Sig. looks amazing for the price, and noticeably cheaper too.

Where are you based?

In the UK, Neat speakers are easily available – and I wonder whether these might float your based, for instance.

Unfortunately I have no experience with Audiovector.

Yes, I’ve heard that before. And is quite believable considering how important the Naim pre is to the mix.

I don’t personally think that a TT2/SN3 combo would be good into Spendors, but that’s only because I think the D7 is one of the most overrated and dull floorstanders I’ve heard…more that focussing on the price is meaningless to a degree.

I really wanted to like the 250 without pre-amp – wasn’t keen at all to spend money on the 282 and Hicap; and then the additional boxes… But it didn’t work for me, unfortunately.

If you’re going to do that try a chord amp, in my experience Naim amps need a pre. Chord amps run very nicely off a chord DAC, as you would expect


Love my d7.2’s, they are great with Chord.

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