Is a Naim Headline 2 worth it for a Supernait 3?

I have the possibility to buy a Naim Headline 2. I would connect it to my Supernait3. But is it worth to get it?
Would it improve sound compared to using the headphone output of the Supernait 3.
I have not decided on headphones yet. It will probably be one of these: Heedphone, Audeze LCD-X, Rosson Rad-0 or Meze Empyrean.
But now the chance of buying the Headline 2 appeared.

It would be better than the inbuilt headphone amp, but don’t forget you need a power supply for it. It’s therefore not a cheap proposition and you may prefer a self powered solution.

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@anon4489532 thank you. I did not know that. Sorry if this is a stupid question but is it possible to power it from Supernait3?

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No, the SN3 cannot power it. That’s why I said you’d need a power supply! The cheapest option is a Napsc, which is small and can be hidden away. Better is a Flatcap or Hicap, but the Napsc should do. You can pick them up used for about £200.

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Ok thank you

Naim I-Supply will also power a Headline but will require a SLIC adaptor. Will also work with a Stageline.

For the relatively small extra cost the NAPSC is better than the iSupply - I’ve made that upgrade in the past.

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