Is a Powerline wasted on a 282?

Just something that crossed my mind…

Is a Powerline wasted on a 282 due to the NAPSC’s own power cable feeding into the 282?

Just a thought I had. Obviously can’t test as I don’t have one! :joy:

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If you mean is it worthwhile putting a Powerline on the NAPSC of a NAC282, then there’s only one way to find out…

I’ve never tried it myself, but I’m sure somebody here has done so.

My understanding is that the NAPSC only powers the digital circuits in the 282, not the audio.

The 282 itself needs a power supply to power the audio circuits, a HiCap being commonly used. So the question is whether or not it’s worth putting a power line on Hicap which is powering the 282 ?

Don’t know, but perhaps your dealer could demo.

Good luck, paul

Just bought a Powerline for the SCDR powering my 282 but yet to install it as means stripping down the system and re-dressing all the cables.
Will try to remember to report back…

I’m pretty sure @MDS ran a Powerline on a NAPSC.

I certainly know the answer to that as a Powerline on my HiCapDR certainly made a difference!

I did not run on NSPSC but did on HCDR, going into 282, I have powerline on my SC for 252 and Titan cables on NDX and 300

I from my experience best of source if not powered by external PSU

I did. At the time I was running a 282/SC/250.2. I didn’t have any Powerlines at that point and my dealer (following a discussion he had had with one of his Naim contacts, IIRC) suggested it would bring an improvement. One miserable, rainy, Friday evening when I got home from work, tired and not really in the mood for appraising system modifications, my dealer brought a PL over to give is a try on the NAPSC. I wasn’t expecting to hear any difference. Ten seconds into Seal’s Killer my dealer and I were gob-smacked at the improvement we heard. The demo PL didn’t leave the house.

This experience caused me to reevaluate what the NAPSC was contributing to the system. Hitherto I had followed conventional wisdom which said the NAPSC should be sited off the rack and plugged into a different circuit from the main system. So I later put the NAPSC on the rack and plugged its PL into the dedicated circuit that the system enjoys. I heard further improvements when this was done, though not as large as that achieved by using the Powerline.


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