Is an SSD transferrable between devices?

As I spent so long saving all my music to a Samsung SSD for use in my old Antipodes server, when I decided to move it on and replace with a Naim Core, I kept the SSD.

Does anyone know if this is a a straightforward slot in and the Core will recognise the music stored on there, I am guessing as its a standard format this should be at least feasible?


It will likely fit in the Core, but the music won’t necessarily be recognised. Also you won’t be able to save Core rips to it.

What you need to do is transfer the music temporarily to a PC or another drive, for example a USB drive. Then you can install the SSD in your Core, in settings make your SSD the “Music Store”, allowing the Core to format it. This sets up the required folder structure.

Then you can “Import” the music from wherever it is located and the Core will place it all in the downloads folder in the Core and index it.

The other approach would be to put the SSD in the Core and in settings make it a “Music Share”. The Core will index it and you will be able to play it. But if you want to save Core rips, then you will need another drive, for example a USB or network drive and in Core settings you make that the “Music Store”. The core then has somewhere to save its rips.

There are variations on these themes. If it were me, I would buy another SSD and install that in the Core, make that the Music Store and import the music from my existing SSD. Then I would buy a USB enclosure, put my old SSD into that, format it and then use it as a backup destination for the new drive in the Core.


thanks for the ideas, certainly not as straightforward as I had originally hoped but there are a couple of good workarounds there


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