Is anyone have test the NAD M10 vs Qute or Atom?

If someone made the test.
I saw the John Darko review.

I have both the M10 and Atom
In different set ups. I bought the M10 first with high expectations, but then something was missing. Then I got the Atom to go in another setup and was very impressed. I tried the LS50s with both set ups and the Atom I would take hands down. Though I have to blame the Atom for starting the Naim effect, which has since led a Muso 2 and a completely other Naim set up.



It’s also worth noting the M10 can be controlled via it’s touchscreen but the atom is really app only. In fact the M10 can be controlled by a windows PC!!

It’s not close. The M10 is a massive disappointment. Has a very cheap feel to the hardware and the BluOs is frustrating. The sound is very diffuse and unfocused. Is it the DAC? The amp? Who knows. Avoid at all costs. The Atom stomps it into dust.


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