Is Atom and Core a solid replacement for Uniti?

I have an Uniti, the screen needs to be repaired but the CD player still works. I’m considering changing to Uniti Core and Uniti Atom. I also have a Rega RP3 turntable and B&W DM 602 S2 speakers. I’m streaming Apple Music through an older Apple TV with optical output to the Uniti because I can’t see the screen. Not the best I’m sure. I’d like your opinion if a move to the Core and Atom is worth doing or should I just repair the Uniti? is there a board upgrade for Airplay2? My CD collection is largely boxed up only because there is too many to keep out on shelves etc. thus the Core. Any thoughts or feedback appreciated.

Well, The Atom is definitely considered a replacement and step up from a UnitiQute2. As for a full fat Uniti that is less clear. I would think the logical step up would actually be the one box Uniti Star as a direct 1:1 replacement for the amp, streamer, CD player of the original Uniti.

You can always get something like an ifi Zen Stream to add on to older Naim streamers to provide all the latest streaming functionality bells and whistles and bypass the Uniti/ND? streaming path entirely. These little boxes are tiny, and cost very little and do a lot.

I have a Uniti2 in my third system and I’m not sure an Atom would be a significant improvement in your situation. A Star would be a better option or a Nova and Core (or use a computer for CD ripping and streaming). If you like the Uniti, fixing the screen is obviously much cheaper and you can use the old ATV or add an Ifi Zen as mentioned by Zen above.

Any of the new streamers will give you AirPlay 2. My choice would be to buy a Nova and rip the CDs on a computer using DBpoweramp. This will give you much better sound quality than the Atom for similar money, and a better ripper than the very basic version on the Core or Star.

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As others have said the Star would be the more logical choice. Whilst the Core is excellent, I think it is overkill for your system. Personally, I would go for the Star as a one-box solution. Or go for a Nova and use a PC or a Mac to rip CD with something like DBamp to a NAS drive.


I’m not a much of an audio techie but I enjoy my listening experience. I want to understand why you think it’s overkill?

You should be able to get the screen repaired, a recap/service and upgrade to the 24/192 board for around 400 quid.

Otherwise, getting the Nova and ripping cds allows you to run the files from a server or a local hard drive plugged into the Nova or even a usb stick if you don’t have too many cds. Much simpler solution than the Core.

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I would second dBPoweramp as an excellent way of ripping CDs. It’s very flexible and gives you loads of ripping options.

I recently got a pre-loved Innuos Zen with a 2TB HDD as a more centralised storage option for my CDs and a direct link to my SN3.

I would say that a ripper/server that costs about the same as your entire HiFi system is disproportionately expensive to a huge degree if you want the best sound quality for your budget.
If you want a Naim style, beautifully engineered product that doesn’t require too much effort to set up, the Core might be the product for you. On the other hand, its ripping and serving software is significantly more basic than any other that’s ever been produced to my knowledge, and you could get full featured software plus a drive to store your rips on for something in the order of a tenth of the price. That would free up your budget to buy a Nova for a real improvement in sound quality over the Atom.

If you want an off the shelf solution my choice would be an Innuos Zen Mini which has all those features you might expect from the Core for about half the price.

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