Is Chord TT2 mellower that Mojo in the context of a NAC 282?

Hi all. I intend to buy a Hugo TT2 (to be coupled to an M-Scaler later on.) It will feed an NAC 282 / HiCap DR and then an ATC SCM 40A. I live in Brazil; so I am going to listen to the combo but I will not have the opportunity of several extended listening sessions.

In order to test the waters I have just bought a Mojo and paired it to Audeze LCD-X (what an wonderful headphone!) and iSine 20. The Mojo is pretty new. With the LCD-X the sound is good. But with the iSine it becomes fatiguing (not really shrill but tiresome).

As it happens, in Naim forums there are lots of Chord/Naim users but I also come across several comments that Chord DACs have an aggressive sound. Do you people agree with that? Is the TT2 significantly more balanced than the Mojo? Many thanks for your answers.

Why would you put Hugo TT2 into a NAC282? Do you have an analog source such as vinyl? Hugo TT2 already has a quality built in preamp. Best to connect TT2 directly to SCM40A if you only have digital source.

I used to run original Hugo TT directly into SCM40A and it is a stunning combination. Absolutely not an aggressive sound. The tonal balance is very natural and un-hyped.


I have been playing around with a Chord Qutest. I moved from the Hugo Mk1. I am very surprised (pleasantly) by what it has brought to my system. I was (between DACs) running with my NDX2’s DAC and found it a bit to in my face after long listening periods. The Cutest has relaxed that and brought more resolution - sometimes exposing poor recordings; glaringly.

I was considering looking at the Hugo TT2, but after discussing it with my dealer, I will try an Mscaler first and see what that brings. I liked the idea of the TT2, but I am going to be paying for a lot that I don’t need. We’ll see what the Mscaler brings and where I go from there.

With an xps dr, your ndx2 would be less in your face, more fluent, opened and refined. The chord relaxes but you loose the Naim musicality.
But perhaps you prefer Chord musicality…

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I said perhaps because you didn’t tried a good power supply on the ndx2, so you couldn’t see what it would bring vs a bare ndx2, which can be a bit in your face.
Enjoy your chords Scott.

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I am currently demoing an TT2 and Mscaler. I currently have a Qutest. Started with the Mscaler on the Qutest and noticed immediate improvements in all areas. Removed the Qutest and add in the TT2 and it was a whole new level. Very smooth, detailed and “analogue” in its flavour. I have a very difficult decision ahead of me.


Thanks scotman

Good to hear, I own a TT2, and hope to have my MScaler in a month or so.

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