Is it a bargain?

My dealer has for sale a demo unit of nac282 (2005) for 2.300€ & a used nap300 (non dr 2005) with very few hours of use for 3.200€.
Both units are in perfect working & cosmetic condition.
Considering i will exchange my sn3 & add an extra 1.500-2.000€, will you consider it as a bargain???

Looks like your not in the UK, make sure the kit has been serviced otherwise this could be expensive


If you look on Hi-Fi Shark, there are a number for sale, cheaper and younger.

See if there are any dealers from your country on there.

Don’t forget to check the service history.


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18 year old demo units? It sounds a bit odd. The 300 will need an expensive service, and the 282 ideally. Then you’d need a Hicap for it all to work.

Unfortunately in Greece the scale of hifi market is very small, leaving me with no much options.
Both units haven’t been serviced which is definitely a downside.

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I already have a hicap dr

Your best bet is to listen to them. If they sound better than what you have, and you have the money, then they could well be a bargain.

Good thing is, i have the opportunity to take 'em home & listen to them.
Bad thing is that due to their age, i am afraid the possibility they will need a service soon.

Is the dealer a Naim dealer? If so get him to give you a quote for servicing both units at an official Naim service centre. If not phone up the Naim distributor in Greece and ask them about servicing arrangements and cost. Then add those costs on and ask yourself if they’re still worth your money.


I’d go for the 300, better if paired with 252 though. Service Is not so expensive here in Italy. Last year was about 250 euro for a 200. For a 300 head + PSU probably in the regioni of 1k

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Must be very distributor-dependent - I paid $8000 last year to have my 252/SC/250 serviced and DR’d!

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