Is it my imagination?

I know this has been mentioned before but having bought my Nova in May 2020 I’d swear the bass control has improved even more recently. Having added nothing else over the last few months is this a sign of “burn in” even after this length of time?

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It’s in your head. Maybe you’ve had a good day, a glass of wine, or it’s an album you particularly enjoy. Savour the moment.


Hope that yours stays that way…
I am convinced that these often reported fluctuations in performance is down to mains pollution, either from the house or outside. I used to get fluctuations in audio quality with my atom particularly bass and warmth. I tried to convince myself it was all in my head but wasn’t so sure. However, after doing a dedicated mains and also, having that cable run down the loft well away from all the other cables I have had a significant improvement in quality and most of all consistency. Just my experience.

Still, could be in my head!
Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a placebo!

Depends how often you ‘listen’ to your Hi-Fi. 100 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less, Naim told me. Listen to your Hi-Fi a couple of hours a week (like me) and it could still be improving. Mine arrived in September and is still getting better. Mains pollution can also be a factor, even with a dedicated mains, always sounds better at night, and of course wine makes all the difference :blush:

Agreed, It could be that a neighbors old dodgy washing machine was polluting the mains and has now finally packed up! :joy:

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I’m well to the left end of the “burn-in is real” school, and even I would say that’s a stretch. I would say that after a year you enter the early mid-period of the life of your component, where any long term changes in the sonic character are virtually imperceptible.

What you’re hearing could be an improvement in the mains quality to your house; the removal of an external source of interference; an improvement in air quality; your general mood; your health; or any combination of those. As HH said above, I would just lean back and enjoy it. So often, forum users report the opposite - so many threads with a theme of “why has my system gone off recently?”

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It could well be electrical interference, remember this

All sorts of devices cause all sorts of issues, most are never noticed unless they affect some sensitive piece of equipment, like a HiFi and it’s owners ears

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