Is it okay to stack Naim audio equipment or do you have to use racks?

That pic brings back memories when I had that exact setup (but with the CDS/CDPS and NAT01/NAPS) several years ago. Had it all racked on 3 stacks of Quadraspire racks. The Isobariks were on their stands of course.

can I use self that made from glass (5mm thick) ?

I stack. I know I should not. Don’t have the space for a dedicated rack.

Does it sound broken or bad? No.
Could it sound better? Probably.
My guess 10% better.

At the end it is a compromise on performance and not equipment longevity.


Stacking is no problem. I never heard any difference. Only trust your own ears. Opinions are only opinions. Anybody has one. Do what is best en convenient for you.


Big no no! NEVER stack Naim components any hi fi rack will do

Unless your living situation won’t allow it. I have a rack, but some may not have the space or a willing spouse. Domestic harmony trumps hifi.