Is it possible to pair Nac 252 with the new Nap 350?

I’m glad you’re convinced which is all that matters for you. The 282 is a good amp but for me it doesn’t hold up to the NC options. The NC 250 is a great amp and no doubt improves your set up. Enjoy.

For now, the only thing that matters to me is that the 350 can work with the 252. So this could also be a future development

Most of the “sound” of the NC series can be attributed to the DAC/DSP and pre. No doubt the 350s do play some part as well.

However, the 350s are just a fantastic agile and transparent mono amp. No reason they can’t grace a system fronted by classic components.

We are certainly considering them with our 252, but they are so capable that they deserve better speakers, which might add £20k to our bill :sob: And on the end of a 552 they could be spectacular….

I have the naim system paired with proac d38s. I like the sound of it, I don’t plan to replace it for a while

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Ah, that’s interesting… been down this path of “pseudo balanced” before (on the fishy forum).
Yes, would be interesting to see what @110dB has to say.

Google Tom Tom Audio Naim white paper.

Hi @nicnaim and @sktn77a

RE balanced on New Classic

  • All XLR outputs are balanced impedance (only the hot signal is active, the cold signal is impedance matched to the hot).
  • All XLR inputs are fully balanced (electronically)

We found the balanced impedance sounded better than standard balanced. It offers the same noise cancellation as standard. It has also been designed to be able to drive long XLR cables. Fully compatible with standard balanced systems. The signal levels the same as the single-ended outputs, which can be helpful mixing systems. Standard balanced is inherently 6dB louder.

The balanced inputs use single-end class-A buffers that drive the power amplifier’s differential inputs (non-inverting and inverting). Simple and transparent sounding.

New classic is compatible with previous classic ranges with the appropriate cables.



Steve, do you know what is the status of the white paper on the impedance balanced connections? IIRC, it needed the pagination sorted out before it could be posted up on the website?

Hi @Richard.Dane

Yes, it is only the pagination to be corrected and uploaded to the website. I’ve pinged Marketing this morning.

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I must admit I’ve toyed with the idea of getting the 350s to replace my 300DR - but also hankering for a 552 to replace my 252.

A demo would help decide which is the better option I know but it’s a significant £ spend either way :thinking:

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