Is it possible to pair Nac 252 with the new Nap 350?

I can’t find information about this anywhere, I think you need a din-xlr cable for supercap.
Has anyone tried it?

This should answer your query, at least about the cables needed (obviously your Naim dealer can assist).

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You should be able to but would you?

So is it possible with the right cables?

Yes of course. There are a whole set of cables put together by Naim to allow flexibility between what is now “old” classic and “new” classic. This allows a mix and match approach or a transition from old to new.

That’s great. Then this is also a possible step

When I first purchased the NC250 I used it with the 252DR. It was a fantastic match. The 350’s will be even better.

You just need a pair of 4pin DIN to Balanced XLR. You can get one from Naim or Desingnacable.

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I wonder how just a cable (without conversion circuitry) can connect an unbalanced preamp with a balanced amp?

I believe the New Classic Amps are pseudo balanced maybe @110dB can confirm.

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Why wouldn’t you? Classic pre and New Classic power work very well together.

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252 is a very capable amp. I’d be very suprised if doesn’t shine with the 350’s. A winning combo of elegance and power I expect.


Makes me curious how the new Nac 332 compare, looks like quite another solution with on-board PSU.

“A white paper will be released … soon.”

Not yet… :thinking:

The 252 will be holding back the 350s. The NC is a different sound and you’d be losing some of that magic with the 252. 222 with PS or 332 would be a better match.

Just in case you missed it, you can find it on the TomTom website - with all the articles on the NC gear. I’m not sure why the “official” release is delayed.

That was my point - or question.

(I have read the TT version, previously.)

Guess it got hit into the long grass and now no one remembers where it went… :expressionless:

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I assume that Chord would be able to supply the cable needed.

252 is the best sounding pre i have ever owned, just needs setting up right. it amazes me on a daily basis, with a tricky speaker…big focals etc i bet its a brilliant combo

My NC250 sounds pretty awesome fronted by a 282, and whilst i have heard the same power amp fronted by both a 222 and 332, I’m certainly not concerned about ‘system synergy’ between Classic and New Classic.

Only worthwhile upgrade for me would be a 332 with maybe a 300 attached.

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