Is it possible

Just wanting to know if anyone from outside the UK has had a Naim factory service?
Just brought a Nap 500 and will probably be looking for a service in the next year or two. Id like it to be done at Naim central if possible.

First thing I would do is to ask your distributor whether they can arrange it for you.

Which country?

I have sent kit back to Naim from France. Slow process but possible.

Richard I’m in New Zealand

Ah, yes, that makes it a bit trickier…

I’d email Naim support for their advice here.

@Mike_S is your guy here. He knows well the situation.

As a matter of interest, Richard, who would normally service Naim equipment where the owner is in New Zealand?

At the moment I don’t know.

When I sent my 250 to Naim in 2016 from Japan, with the return shipping and the fact the document pouch (that had all the paperwork for customs-free shipping) went missing before it got back to the UK meant that by the time it was all done, I could have bought a 300.

That was before Covid and inflation. I’ve discussed servicing for all my gear with my dealer in the UK. Their advice, given the costs, was to flog it all and start again rather than try and get it serviced from so far away.


As we are talking about a year or two, I don’t think there is a concern. Paul Money Hi Fi (Auckland) have told me that they will be continuing as a Naim dealer when the new New Zealand distributer is appointed. So it should be business as usual in the not-to-distant future.


That’s fantastic news for you guys in NZ. The “other” thread doesn’t mention that.

I did mention it over there, but it was lost amongst the noise (and the situation in Australia might be different anyway).

Thanks Mike, no way in hades will i let that lot get within a 5km radius of my gear. I asked them about purchasing a powerline a while back, they didn’t even know what i was talking about! once i told them they tried to sell me some other brand.
The 500 doesn’t need a service, just thinking about the future years…cheers

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No worries. There’s also Cowan Audio Services in Wellington that will do servicing and RM have mentioned that they have contacts for NZ based servicing. I’m not sure whether getting parts is an issue though.

Hey Mike, yes I talked to Chris a month or so back he can still service the gear, naturally he knows the parts and tolerances. Probably should call him about it. Tells me that some of Naims black magic is that little bend of the (what ever it’s called) up to 10% improvement can be gained. I’m thinking 500 parts probably have very tight tolerances and quite possibly one off unique parts made especially. I believe that only Naim supplied parts are the only choice for the job. It’s a crying shame for the down under fan club.
Oh first world problems.

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