Is My New XPS DR Working?

I auditioned a 2014 XPS DR from my dealer to use with my NDX2. I liked the difference in it so much that I bought a new one, manufactured in 2020. I recall that the borrowed one got a little warm while in use. The new one does not get warm while in use. It does not make any difference in the music quality either. So far, it has ~250 use hours on it. The XPS DR passes current to the NDX2 because the NDX2 plays. So, I am wondering if the XPS DR is defective in some way or might need more hours of break in time. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It should make the music sound better instantly. One thought - you have disconnected the NDX2 from the mains, haven’t you?

Yes, I disconnected the NDX2’s other power cord.

In that case I’d be speaking to my dealer. Have you ensured the Burndy isn’t touching anything and that you have formed it into the right shape before connecting, so that it slots in without any twisting on the connections.

I recall @Mon having a similar issue but it was resolved by ensuring the Burndy was hanging freely

…yes it should be a large improvement from the time you plugged in. Follow the advise above and if no progress, talk with your dealer.

But the PS must be doing something if the NDX2 is powered up? But, given that it new, and you have doubts, take it back. Not sure how your dealer is going to convince you it’s actually working though.

When I auditioned an xpsDr on an NDX2, I heard no discernible difference, hence I didn’t buy one.
However I seem to be an anomaly so will try again at the next opportunity but I am more interested in a 555 DR now.
Sorry I know that doesn’t help. :woozy_face:

The weird thing is that the 2014 unit made a big difference yet the 2020 one doesn’t. Maybe expectations were too high? One thing the OP could do is to remove the XPS (turn it off for a few minutes before disconnecting) and trying the NDX bare. Sometimes you don’t appreciate what something is doing until you swap back.


Your dealer should be sorting this out.

Can you elaborate on hanging freely?

Like not wearing trousers or underpants? For the chaps of course.

For the ladies…like sunbathing on a Greek island.*

** well it was like that on that Club 18-30 holiday I went on in ‘83…


Dangling down without touching anything. See what I wrote in the post that precedes the one you quoted.

Maybe it need a proper burn in. I would think that 250 hours is nowhere near enough for a new PSU to fully settle in.

You should hear an instant improvement.


As said an instant improvement should be heard i would have said, even if the cable isn’t 100%


100% agree. Run it for a couple weeks. Let it subconsciously register in your head. Then take it out and see.

Also, if the dealer had a very different system that might also be a factor. A more revealing preamp or speakers could be at play. Though I’d expect an instant improvement on anything from a SN3 up. It would be more noticeable of course further up the quality chain.

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