Is my Unitiqute R1 bricked?

I ran the updater today.
It tripped out a few times
“Lines sent 1839 Retries 5 18%”
“Lines sent 2865 Retries 5 28%”
Third time round it got to 100% then failed.

When I click Retry I get the following message:

“Update Failed. Failed to enter Update Mode. The negotiations to set the product into ARM firmware update mode failed. Check all connections and if this problem persists please contact Naim Technical support.”
Abort Retry

The front of the Unitiqute reads:
“Firmware upgrade Do not switch off.”

There are currently two instances of the Updater open the other one with “Updating ARM code” at the top is reading “Pending 0% Pending 0 lines 0 retries” and gives me the option of ABORT. I will assume for now that will abort the other instance so I’m reluctant to click Abort. Can I abort that one?

May I unplug the USB to serial cable and try a different port and different cable?

Which cable work
Pl2303 chipset
If I need to reboot my PC (which I’ll try to avoid and have disabled sleep) will this brick the Qute if it’s not bricked already?

What to do please?

I telephoned support and it was OK to abort the updaters and reboot the Unitiqute in my case.

I repeated the update and after a couple of tries it succeeded.
I think I’ll get a better cable for next time.
Unless I had a duff one I’ll pass on the CH340.

FTDI FT232x, Silabs CP210x or Prolific PL2303?

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