Is Naim having some quality control issues?

Hello, 1st off just asking not saying they are, want to see if anyone has experienced what I have.

I have owned a fair amount of Naim and right now I have the 5si int amp. bought from a dealer, new
actually a factory refurb, was sent back (obviously an issue) and sold as new with warranty.
2 days after I get it the cd rca input lost a channel, then went to tuner input no issue.
I am using Naim cd5si.

About 5 weeks ago I got the XS3, been working fine, have a Rega rp6/exact going into phono
and cd5si for cd, sounds great.

I also have a Rega P10/aphetamk3/ariamk3 so I wanted to try that, used the tuner input, sounded great
about an hour later I went to try my tube step up device and bingo one channel out.

Hooked the Aria back up same issue ( I am praying it is not the table) I hook my table back to the Rega Brio driving Rega Rx3s all is fine.
It got late so I bagged it for the night.
So today I hook another rca cable to the tuner input…same problem, so it is the amps input.

The phono section and cd input work fine.
So my question is I have 2 current int amps with the same exact problem, any body else experience this ?

Also is the stream rca input the same as the cd and tuner, I know some amps that have AV input the volume goes full bore, so dont want to chance it, thanks for any input,

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Impossible question to answer. People on the internet who’ve had issues will happily post away. People happily listening to music with no issue will not. Doesn’t really tell you much. Nothing is prefect.


It’s odd to be just on one input and in two different amps. I wonder if @NeilS has an idea here.

That was my take, symptoms were very similar, both worked, then went out.

Both amps have the rca sockets hard wired to the board (unlike the supernait for example which are connected via lots of short wires).
Are you using interconnects with chunky rca plugs?

Using standard rca plugs, morrow audio cable, I was using for many weeks the rega rp6 into
an ARC MM tube phono preamp (yes I have some phono stages) into the tuner input of XS3, no issues

Then last night poof one channel goes.

It’s something like this inside, so there’s the potential for failure with a dry joint.

Try connecting your CD5si to the affected inputs using a 5to5 DIN cable (remember to change the output setting on the player).
If the problem persists, you may have an input relay fault, if it works ok, you probably have a cable fault, as the RCAs & DINs for each input are piggybacked & go through the same relays.
This applies to the Nait5si & XS3.



Ok, good idea and thanks Neil for chiming in, ok we may have some gremlins here, if I read you correctly
if I use din to din from cd to “affected input” and if it is at fault same issue would happen one channel out.
well I did that cd5si with din to din to tuner input on XS3 and it works fine.

Played it about 20+ minutes, no issues, THEN I took the same morrow rca to rca and hooked it up to my Rega Saturn into my Exposure int amp ( I have like 6 systems set up in my living room) and it works both channels no problem, so clearly it is not the cable, weird eh ?

on a positive note the XS3 is one cracking good amp, I dont think I have heard my Rp6 sound so good
and it take the Cds5i up another notch.

It may be the RCA connectors. RCA phonos can be problematic and what works fine with some sockets may not work quite as well with another. I have plenty of kit and some RCA interconnects just can’t be used with some bits of kit because they tend to only work with some jiggling or sometimes just not at all. All the more reason to stick with superior DINs… :wink:

Ok, that could be, but kind of hard to use Dins with my turntables and non Naim gear
into Naim, also cant say I have had this problem with my other gear that uses Rcas.

I guess it would be great if all of the audio world used Dins, but alas they dont.

You can eventually modify the rca cables to rca to Din. And it will sound even better.

I’m happily listening to music (on my XS3) with no issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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