Is Naim losing its way?

Do you mean rebooting everyday for several days?

I posted this on the Formware thread:

“ Update from me is no update. I haven’t been able to get an answer to my questions from either Naim or any beta testers about how the functionality is meant to work. It’s not really a major, I’ll use it how I can, but it’s a bit disappointing that one can’t extract an answer to a question. Anyway, I’m not going to pursue it and accept that the service is just a bit slack, which is disappointing.”

It also seems to me though that there are a couple of other issues here.

Firstly, the functionality “improvements” have been targeted towards internet streaming and don’t appear to (I’m not entirely sure, as I can’t get an answer) include local streaming from a Uniti Core. This seems contrary to Naim’s ethos of also putting sound quality first, instead we have priority on internet streaming rather than streaming from Naim’s own eco system.

Secondly, the functionality seems to be limited on the latest generation streamers due to the lack arrow buttons on the display. This could be partly addressed by using the arrows on the remote, but as I have explained elsewhere, the remote > home > favourites only accesses favourites from internet streaming and not a local streamer. To complicate things, using the favourites button on the display access presets, not favourites, and only internet streaming and not local streaming. So, the UI is a bit of a mess really.

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The problem is they have their noses up to high in the air and don’t give a damn about their users!! The app is such a catastrophe it’s beyond believe!! I’ve sent emails with descriptions and pictures and the f***** can’t even be bothered to reply!! I should have bought the Innous - a grand cheaper with a hundered times better app! It’s a disgrace :poop::poop::poop::poop:

Perhaps you should join the beta group and help to improve things. You may need to drop the piles of poo and take a more constructive approach though.


The App is the worst bit of software I know and no painting it pink helps!!! Who can defend that piece of crap apart from David of course :poop::poop::poop:

I find the Naim App rather usable. I don’t use it much, as we use Roon, but I do keep it updated and I test the beta releases and it works just fine for me and is quite a bit improved from say 2-5 years ago.

Then again, my needs are simple. Play music. I’m not looking for it to give me a foot massage etc.


The app does it job. However my biggest issue with it is the lack of accessibility built in. On iOS at least it is really hard to impossible for users using the VoiceOver screen reader to use it.

This mean that those with decreased or no vision are pretty much excluded from using the hardware.


To my mind, functionality upgrades should be separate from changes affecting sound quality, and the latter should ALWAYS be optional and reversible. If I bought a device based on its sound quality - and what other basis is there? - I would be horrified at something changing that without the opportunity to assess and accept or not, regardless how much the equipment manufacturer may think it is an improvement. If it is not an improvement to my ears then if not reversible it would render the device unfit for purpose.


Have you brought this to Naim’s attention? It would be most regrettable if those with visual impairments were unable to use it. Perhaps @charlie.henderson could ask the team to take this issue into consideration.


@hungryhalibut, yeah I have and provided a list of some of the issues. Interestingly when I tested it again before replying here I found that there has been some improvement since the last time so perhaps it is being worked on.

Some large issues that remain are:

  • Search button was read out as “options”
  • Lists of results not easily findable and when they are read out it does not read out the artist etc, just the song title.
  • The play and favorite buttons under selected songs are read out at single letter. Play button was “j” I think.

Just the stuff I found at a cursory glance into the app.

Good, you must keep up the pressure to get it sorted so it works for you. Don’t accept second best.


For the record I am not visually impaired. But day job is web developer specializing in web accessibility.

With this in mind someone who actually relies on assistive tech should be testing the stuff for Naim.


I’m sure you are right. It just needs the right people to step forward. Maybe, in their absence, you could be their proxy.


Thing is that with accessibility issues it often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

If folk with a disability can’t use the stuff they ain’t buying the stuff so they not there to stand up in user groups :man_shrugging:


I’ve probably missed what specific issues you have with it.

What does it not offer that you need or has that isn’t working?

  1. For instance a shuffle feature
  2. Every time they ‘improve’ the App they make it worse. Last upgrade: after ripping a CD it says at the bottom - go to the album which up to now just worked. Now it brings you to the main menu where you have to select newest music and then select the CD and then modify - improvement???
  3. At times it puts all albums with the same title in to the same artist.
    The list goes on and on. They should get a third party to do the all like Innous - their app just works. Ok, it costs a few quid but when the ripper/streamer costs in excess of £2000 including HDD then it is an absolute must that the app just works!
    My old Olive 4HD done shuffling of all songs already in 2010 :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

And Olive were so good they do not exist as a company

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I’m struggling with all this.
Ok, so my install to my nd5xs2 went well. I turned it off at the wall afterwards and did a restart.
I don’t really such of a change to the app.
So it’s not Roon. But for me it’s more than fit for purpose.
I’d suggest those that have not had a great experience sign up for beta testing. At least that way they can have a say in the next upgrade.

They were the forerunners if this technology and their kit was extremely good FOR THAT TIME :+1:t2:

Does sound frustrating when features you’ve been accustomed to change and are less usable - send them feedback if you haven’t already.

Personally I wouldn’t use shuffle but I’ve heard before that it doesn’t work well with a track limit and the shuffle often comprising the same titles each time. Things like this may escape beta testers/app designers if they don’t use them.

Are you using a Core/Star to rip?