Is Naim NDX streamer pin 2 or pin 3 positive?

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From here:

Like all Rowland products, the Synergy is fully balanced, with six balanced XLR inputs (one labeled Bypass, which has unity gain and is not affected by any of the Synergy’s control settings) and two outputs (Main and Record). Rowland uses the “Pin-3 positive” rather than the more common AES/IEC “Pin-2 positive” standard, so if you mix’n’match with products that assume “Pin-2 positive” and you want to maintain correct absolute phase (polarity), you may have to reverse the speaker cables or use the Synergy’s phase switch.

So is the DIN output of the Naim pin 2 or pin 3 positive?

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The NDX uses a 5 pin DIN output, with 3 of the 5 pins used. The pin layout is printed on the back of the unit next to the socket:

Hi, I would have described the position of the -ve as pin 3, but if you’re going from DIN to XLR, you obviously need to ensure that the cable is assembled correctly.
You may need to have a cable made up, as I’m not sure if you’ll find a suitable one off the shelf. There are certainly cable suppliers around who can do this.

I got one assembled from Falshbacksales,, they produce cables specifically for Naim products so I assume i’ll be alright there.

But thanks for your input, as i understand both my streamer as preamp assume Pin-3 positive, so I won’t be using the the phase switch.

Flashback are very helpful and should be able to make you the right cable. You might contact them and explain the issue of Rowland using an unconventional pin layout on their inputs. If necessary they can make you a cable that will work if their standard version is wired differently.

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