Is nDac an upgrade on NDX?

I notice on another, recent thread that the OP is using a nDac with their NDX. I had always assumed that the DACs would be the same. Could someone enlighten me as to the difference/improvements ?


it is an upgrade for Dac function, especially if you apply a PSU.
In the past I had a NDX with nDac + PSU on both; each step was an upgrade

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The DAC chips used by the NDX and NDAC are different. The NDX uses the PCM1791 DAC chips whereas the NDAC uses the same PCM1704 chips as used in the ND555, NDS and CD555 players.

Whilst it isn’t just the DAC chip that determines the overall sound I do believe that it is one factor why the NDAC is heard by many to be an upgrade to the bare NDX.


Thanks, it did make me wonder.

I wouldn’t bother with nDAC and PSU … very expensive and Hugo 1 will be much better.

Failing that, look at the newer Naim streamers and perhaps consider a Chord DAC


With the ongoing screen issues on the newer streamers (and you can’t see it anyway, unless you are very close to it), I would favour the ND5XS2 over the NDX2 … IF you intend to use an external DAC.

I currently use ND5XS2 into Chord Hugo 1 - which was an upgrade to my ageing ND5XS … the screen of which failed after 9 years use

Uisng NDX2 for last 3 months. None of the screen issues are that severe. Yes sometimes it needs reboot. BUt in last 3 months I did it for maximum 4-5 times.

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Good for you … I was referring to the fact that unless you are next to the device, you can’t actually see the screen from the other side of the room … so why bother :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Right. But at least gives a quick way to find out the album of artist details (by using remote) without need for starting the app.

Especially when u play a radio like Roon Radio or Spotify or a Playlist I found it is very useful.

Agreed, it can be useful, but at a price.

If the additional cost isn’t an issue, then fine, but for musical sound quality, I prefer to use the saving (no screen version of the streamer) and invest in an external DAC.

That being said, if you can afford both, fantastic! :grinning: :grinning:

Shazam is all you need!

Agreed. More than double the price of nd5xs2. However upgradable with xps or 555ps. but as I heard that also not worth the puce.

I went for ndx2 surely because I need a good ui/remote. Also as I believe sound quality wise also it is supposed to be better than nd5xs2. But never tried both to give a first hand comment.

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