Is Qobuz down?

Errors for last hour ot so.

Yes, down for me too, on an evening when I’m home alone and was looking forward to a blast…

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Obsydian was saying in another thread he was having issues with it

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This is what having both Tidal and Qobuz is a bonus. Best and worst of both worlds.


Resorted to playing offline music from my phone which I use in the car, via Airplay… doesn’t sound too bad…

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Even having issues Chromecasting recently downloaded items or those downloaded months ago - assume dome authentication issue but rather annoying!

I actually think Airplay can sound pretty good in practice plus does gapless well.

Very odd - Airplay working from Qobuz app for downloaded material but not streaming.

Some bits are still working, I can login, see my favourites but just can’t play them. It can also work out multiple devices so if I try Roon, the offline stuff on iPhone stops…

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I‘m currently playing music from Qobuz through my streamer and don‘t seem to have any problems. I can see my albums and stream them. No dropouts. No problems with the Qobuz app either. Location is Germany.

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Thanks - it may have corrected itself as I’m now streaming ok - not sure it didn’t cause my Nova to freeze when using Chromecast earlier as it was unresponsive.

Yes, mine is back too…

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