Is Qobuz store being flakey currently? New surchages for purchases too

Well that’s a first - just managed to buy the wrong ‘album’ but I think they must have the wrong item linked to what was in the basket.

I had a mixture of ‘basket is empty’ or has items but trying to checkout kept sending me to the download store.

I also keep being asked if I want to go to the UK store every so often.

When I log in I sometimes get that awful recaptcha image test - why?

In essence when I got the ‘basket’ to work I searched for a band and the first search result was the album I wanted so I added it to the basket. Removed a few things I’m considering purchasing at a later date.

Went to the payment page and saw that PayPal payments now have added fees and a %age on top so opted for a credit card.

When I went to download somehow the item purchased was one of the album singles with the same artwork not the whole album. I’m pretty certain I didn’t make an error as every search for the band brings up the album as the top entry and the ‘single’ much further down the list.

Strange. I suspect they’ll trot out the all downloads are final mantra when they’re back on Tuesday, but it seems very odd. Doubly so.

I was using an ad-blocker but even with that disabled the site seems inconsistent.

Also using iCloud private relay which will mask my IP address but the system is set to indicate my geographic location as UK.

Just need to mention that this was resolved by Qobuz professionally.

They offered me the album I was trying to purchase as a free gift which is now available in my purchase history.

Took a few days of email/chat correspondence to sort out but they delivered without a single quibble.


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