Is the 140 enough for SBLs?

My son is getting to the age where he wants music in his room, and given that I have a pair of SBLs sitting idle I thought I’d put them to good use and create a little system for him.
I am thinking 72/140 - does anybody have experience of this combo? Does the 140 have enough grunt for the SBL?
I also have an 82 sitting idle, so could potentially go full width (180?) instead, but I do like the shoe box size stuff for a bedroom and figure it will come in when he one day packs off to uni (albeit with some bookshelf speakers…)
Any advice from SBL users appreciated!

A 72/140 should be fine, so long as the source is very good. You don’t say how old your son is, but do make sure it’s what he wants, rather than what you think he needs. Maybe a Qb2 would be a better solution.


I’ve used 72/hi/140 into sbls for quite some time using a chord mojo as dac. It was a good system.


But imagine his street cred in his second year, if he were to have a pair of SBLs on the end of the shoeboxes.


Right?? :blush::wink:

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I had a pair of SBLs on the end of a 62/90 shoebox system and they were fine, in spite of a helpful dealer telling me they wouldn’t work.


My system consists of 72/HiCap/140 in SBLs in a 15 sq m room. I use the Dac V1 as a source with JRiver or Deezer HiFi. It was good, but I lacked a bit of bass depth and coherence at higher listening levels. I recently added a separate Innuos Zen Mini MK3 streamer in front of the Dac V1 and it gave me the boost I wanted after upgrading the source. I was thinking of swapping out the Nap 140 for the 250 as well, but at this stage I’m happy with the system and have no desire to upgrade. It sounds so balanced.


Two separate experiences about the two pieces of equipment.

I once had 202/HC/200 into SBLs, very good. Years later I had a second pair of SBLs temporarily driven by an AV2/NAP150x combo - audibly less good, but perhaps it was the AV2…

I also directly compared n-Sats with a Supernait and with 42.5/SNAPS/140, and there was no compare between the two in terms of control and authority (in favor of the SN).

You may draw conclusions, or at least hypothesis.


For years I had Royd Edens with a 32.5 NAP 140. Finally achieved a long-held goal of a pair of SBLs.

When I was able to upgrade I bought a NAC 52 - I was always more susceptible to improvements in source and preamplifier.

Loved that system, albeit in a small room.


I had 72/140 SBL at the start of my SBL owning journey. They will be fine. They won’t give him chest thumping bass, but that isn’t their thing anyway. Plenty of musical engagement.

To maximise what you have ensure the location and setup is perfect. As close as possible to a solid wall etc etc


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I attended a naim demo back in the mid 90s which began with a nait 2 with SBLs, and this worked okay getting a thumbs up from all the listeners, the next amp up was a 140 which was noticeably better.

The thing about Sibbles is; with the right source they do improve quite a lot with more power, the demo with a four pack of 135s was very agreeable.


Well I guess one day he may well have my 135s to throw at them if he so fancies!

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